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Bulletproof Vests a Concern for Police

Winnipeg Police are still waiting on the NDP to pass a law they promised that would control the distribution of bulletproof vests.

A large amount of gang members in Winnipeg have started equipping themselves with bulletproof vests, protecting them from police enforcement.

The recommended law will force anyone looking to purchase a vest to apply for a permit. It will also require them to explain what they need it for and include a background check. Police will also be able to seize vests from anyone without a permit.

The same bill will also make it illegal to armour a vehicle – like installing bulletproof glass.

I think this law should have been passed ages ago. Criminals and gangsters should not be allowed to easily protect themselves from law enforcement. They should be afraid of the gun like everyone else.


Image FDNY kevlar vest Originally uploaded by uberzombie

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