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Mayor Looking to Slow Down School Zones in Winnipeg


Mayor Sam Katz is looking to slam the breaks at school zones throughout the city. The proposed law would decrease the speed in school zones from 50 km/h (standard residential limit) to 30/40 km/h.

Winnipeg is the only major city in Western Canada that doesn’t have a reduced school zone. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon all enforce 30 km/h speeds. Regina has their limit at 40 km/h.

The Mayor wants this done as soon as possible. Unfortunately, its not only up to the city to decide. Once approved by city council in the fall, it will have to go to the provincial government for approval as well.

Even though this isn’t a law yet, it should already be practised by motorist throughout the city. Too many times children will chase after a rolling ball without looking for incoming vehicles. Be aware around school zones and residential areas.

Speed Limit According to MPI:

Speeding is still a major factor contributing to traffic deaths. Here’s a look at some speed limits that may not be posted, but are definitely enforced.

In the city, you should travel at no more than 50 km/h unless the limit is posted higher. In some cases, that could be as high as 80 km/h. On the highway, it’s 90 unless otherwise posted.

However, these speed limits are intended for ideal conditions. Always lower your speed in bad weather or poor road conditions.

The 30 km/h limit isn’t usually posted in back lanes, and parking lots don’t often advertise a maximum speed. However, the law says any speed that endangers people, property or safety is prohibited. A conviction for speeding can result in fines, demerit points, and higher Autopac premiums.

School zones also fall into that category. When kids are on or near the roadway, the law says a driver must use a speed that is reasonable and prudent for the conditions. This means always keep the safety of others in mind when driving.


Image School Zone Sign, Near Newport School Originally uploaded by thecourtyard

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