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Scotiabank Busker’s Festival at The Forks

Scotiabank Busker's Festival at The Forks
Image The Fire Guy – Uploaded by Scott.Paterson

Hundreds of buskers (street performers) will gather at The Forks this weekend for the Scotiabank Busker’s Festival. On April 27 and 28, 2012 buskers from all around the city will audition for a 2012 Busk Pass.

What is a Busk Pass?
Street performers at The Forks must have a Busk Pass to perform at designated Busk Stops. There is an annual audition (Scotiabank Busker’s Festival) that takes places to give performers the opportunity to purchase a Busk Pass. Only those who pass the audition can purchase a Busk Pass. This should be tons of fun to watch!

Regular Busk Stop Fees:
$10.00 Audition Fee (GST included) – payable before auditioning
$40.00 Annual License Fee (GST included)
$60.00 Annual License Fee (GST included) if selling preauthorized merchandise.


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