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Blue Bombers Will Play Entire 2012 Season at Old Stadium

Blue Bombers Will Play Entire 2012 Season at Canad Inns Stadium
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Due to continued weather related delays in the construction progress of Investors Group Field, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will play the entire 2012 CFL season at Canad Inns Stadium. Investors Group Field will not open its doors until the 2013 CFL season.

[quote]Blue Bombers President and CEO Garth Buchko: “It is with great disappointment that we are making this announcement today, however we feel it is in the best interest of our fans, sponsors and entire organization to come to this decision. The reality is that unpredictable weather at a critical stage of construction, has made it difficult to pin down the ultimate completion date. Endeavoring to accelerate work to overcome weather disruptions, beyond what is reasonable and safe, will only create further delays along the way, potentially compromising worker safety and the ultimate fan experience. To open Investors Group Field prior to a state of total completion would not be fair to our fans as their first experience must be a positive one. The citizens of our city and province have waited a long time for a new stadium and it will be well worth the wait to have it opened properly. This decision will most importantly provide stability and certainty for our loyal and passionate fans, the football team and the whole Blue Bomber organization.”[endquote]

It’s unfortunate, but to most of us it doesn’t come as a surprise. I’m still looking forward to a great season from our Bomber squad. The Bombers opened up the 2012 pre-season with a win over Montreal. GO BLUE!!! [BLUEBOMBERS]

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