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10-Digit Dialing Mandatory for All Local Calls in Manitoba

Starting October 20, 2012, 10-digit dialing will become mandatory for all local calls in Manitoba which brings the three-month transition period to an end. Since July, local calls made using seven digits were interrupted by a recorded announcement before the call went through. As of this Saturday, local calls will no longer be completed without first dialing the 204 area code. It is also essential that all businesses and consumers reprogram their phone systems and other communication devices by October 20 in order to complete their calls. Folks should also update their smartphone address books to have the 204 area code in place. 10-digit dialing is required before a new area code can be introduced to double the available phone numbers in Manitoba.

New area code 431

Starting November 3, 2012, the new area code 431 will be introduced in Manitoba. The new area code will join the current 204 area code, with no impact on existing telephone numbers. It is important to note that 204 numbers will continue to be assigned until the existing inventory of 204 numbers is used up. Special numbers like 9-1-1 will still be dialed using only three digits. [DIAL10]

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