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Report a Crime Online

Did you know that you can now report non-emergency crimes online? The following report types are available:

– Damage to Property
– Lost Property
– Damage to Vehicle
– Theft from Vehicle
– Theft

All other crimes must be reported by calling the police non-emergency line at 204-986-6222 or by visiting a local police station.

Benefits of Online Reporting

– The Winnipeg Police Service encourages citizens to report all crimes, and online reporting provides a convenient reporting option
– Online reports are entered instantly eliminating travel and wait times
– You will receive a copy of the police report

You Can File an Online Report If:

– The offence is not an emergency
– The offence occurred within the City of Winnipeg
– There are no known suspects or witnesses (name, license plate, etc.)
– There are no surveillance images or evidence (items) left behind by the suspect(s)
– You must have an email address

How Online Reporting Works:

The process takes approximately 15 minutes and you will be guided through a series of steps to complete the report.

Basic personal and contact information will be required, as well as particulars such as approximate date, time and location of offence. Details of personal property such as serial numbers and approximate value may also be required.

You will have an opportunity to review and modify your report prior to completion.

Once you have submitted the report, you will be assigned a temporary tracking number and can print an unofficial copy of the report for your records.

All online police reports will be reviewed within 3 business days.

Upon approval, you will receive an email notification with the permanent occurrence number and a PDF copy of the official report.

If additional information is required, you may be contacted by an officer. [WINNIPEG.CA]

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