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Ace Burpee’s 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans of 2013

Local Winnipeg radio personality, Ace Burpee, has created a list of the top 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans of 2013 for Metro Winnipeg. Here is the top 10:

10) Erika Dueck
Holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours from the University of Manitoba and this year was named national winner of the BMO 1st Art! Invitational Student Art Competition for her mixed media installation, The Ephemeral Mind. She’s really good, and it’s worth checking her stuff out here: http://erikadueck.wordpress.com/ .

9) Tim Hague Sr.
The other half of the Amazing Race Canada-winning Tim & Tim team, Sr. made sure he mentioned Winnipeg in almost every episode, which was awesome. He also took us on a journey of overcoming the odds and challenging all we thought we knew about Parkinson’s disease. “It doesn’t mean you can’t still compete or have to go quietly into the night,” he said. Far from it. He won the show in more ways than one.

Tim Hague Sr., left, and Tim Hague Jr. will be representing Winnipeg on The Amazing Race Canada.

8) Sandi Reimer
Y’all should like this page, read, and get inspired. This woman is something else. Think you can’t do something? Think again. Sandi has survived multiple car collisions, and worse. Her goal is to run 100 races by the time she is 50. She rappelled down a building this year for SMD. I first met her at the WFPS half marathon as I watched her strong finish to the race. It should be pointed out that she does all this on one leg, and competes with able-bodied racers because she loves the challenge. Look to her if you need some motivation. Sandi is winning at life.

7 – 3) Diana Carrier, Tiago Martins Araujo, Geoff Nagy, Joshua Jung & Chris Iverach-Brereton
They are the “Snobots.” What did the Snobots do? They are a team from the University of Manitoba, who get this, made the BEST ROBOT IN THE WORLD. It’s true. Winnipeg is home to the world’s most talented robot. The crew travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to compete in FIRA, the oldest robotics competition in the world. The “Snobots” (named Jimmy and Jeff) are humanoid robots who had to compete in an octathlalon which includes a sprint, marathon, lift-and-carry, obstacle run, weightlifting, basketball free throws, soccer and a climbing wall. Guys, they built a robot that climbs walls!!! And they won. I love it.

2) Nathan Unrau
The 13 year-old Nathan is living proof that anyone can make a difference. You just have to care, and you have to be prepared to put in the effort. Nathan is the founder of “Lunches with Love”, which has quickly become one of the greatest stories in our city. What started as a delivery of 47 lunches to feed the good folks at Main Street Project, has turned into thousands of lunches for those in need, dozens and dozens of volunteers, and national recognition. Nathan is simply one of the coolest kids in the world.

1) Althea Guiboche
Also known as the “Got Bannock Lady.” Just the most incredible story. The mother of seven set out to feed the hungry and has persevered against all odds. After first almost being shut down by the province for serving homemade soup and bannock to the homeless without the required permits, she acquired the proper paperwork and continued her philanthropic ways. Then Guiboche woke up one morning to the sight of her vehicle vandalized – its windows smashed and profanity spray-painted all over it. Still she carried on. She is unstoppable, and a true Winnipeg hero. Respect.

View the full list of 100 Fascinating Manitobans at Metro Winnipeg.

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