Chaise Cafe

Chaise Cafe

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Chaise Cafe

Chaise Café is a locally-owned restaurant in St. Boniface that has recently undergone a menu makeover. Our experiences at Chaise Café have ranged from outstanding to mediocre, with our latest visit being a pleasant one overall.

Some sections of Chaise Cafe have normal table seating and others have large leather couches and coffee tables, to provide a more relaxed setting. These areas are perfect for a larger group looking to socialize and move around, rather than be seated for their entire evening.

Chaise Café’s take on the Prix Fixe dining experience follows an “all you can eat” style and is definitely worth a try, at least once. This menu samples each entrée in a family-style format and is available for dinner ($35 per person) and for lunch, brunch or appetizers-only (each for $20 per person). We tried the Dinner Prix Fixe, which includes four salads, four pastas, four pizzas, four entrees and a dessert platter.

[flickr style=”padding:4px; border:1px solid #BDBDBD; float:right; margin-left:5px;”]photo:14581939970[/flickr]The fixed price includes the option to order more of any particular item. Considering the amount and the variety of food we received for only $35.00 each, this was a really great deal.

Some must-try items include the Beet Salad, the Basil Pesto Fettuccine and the Beef Brisket. The pizzas were enjoyable, with unique toppings like Fig & Prosciutto, but the crusts were a little dry. The Dinner Prix Fixe is an outstanding value and a great way to try a bit of everything, but the amount of food can be overwhelming.

We personally found it difficult to appreciate and enjoy the final course. Next time, we will be more likely to order a single entrée, or try the appetizer version of the Prix Fixe, which includes items like Spinach Dip, Risotto Balls, Truffle Fries and Cheese or Charcuterie Boards.
Bring your appetite and try the Chaise Café.


Chaise Cafe
271 Provencher Blvd
(204) 504-4012

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