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Multi-Use Pathway Will Be Constructed Under Fort Garry Bridge

The existing sidewalk (1.5 metres wide) under the Fort Garry Bridge will be converted into a multi-use pathway (3.5 metres wide) to better serve pedestrians and cyclists. The existing sidewalk will be closed from Friday, July 4, until Wednesday, July 16, 2014 to pedestrians and cyclists.

The closure will be from the sidewalk from the south end of Plaza Drive, under the Fort Garry Bridge, to the north end of D’Arcy Drive. Vehicular traffic will not be affected.

The construction dates were selected to land in a widow between Winnipeg Blue Bombers home games. In the event that the construction is not completed in time for the Thursday, July 17 Bombers game, a gravel pathway will open to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians in this area on their way to and from the game. The temporary pathway will close the following day to complete construction and asphalt paving.

Cyclists and pedestrians are advised to map out alternative routes while the area is under construction.

While the multi-use pathway is being constructed, the preferred route for cyclists on Pembina Highway requiring access to University Crescent or Investors Group Field is the following: take the curb lane (west lane) on southbound Pembina Highway, cross the Pembina Highway/Bishop Grandin Boulevard Bridge, and enter the bus loop on the west side of Pembina Highway opposite University Crescent. Cyclists can then travel from the bus loop across Pembina Highway to University Crescent using the traffic signals. Northbound cyclists leaving the University of Manitoba area or Investors Group Field are advised to travel northbound on University Crescent to northbound Pembina Highway during construction.

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