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VIDEO: State of the City 2015


Here’s Mayor Bowman giving his inaugural State of the City address on March 20, 2015.

Highlights include:

  • The implementation of new participatory budget planning activities to involve Winnipeggers in a grassroots approach to budget planning in 2016. A centralized 2016 budget task force will be implemented under the leadership of the Mayor’s Office, in partnership with the Finance department at the City of Winnipeg.
  • The creation of the Mayor’s Indigenous Advisory Circle, chaired by musician, broadcaster, University of Winnipeg administrator, and Aboriginal leader in Winnipeg, Wab Kinew. The Circle will collaborate and advise City Council through the Mayor as the Secretary of Urban Aboriginal Opportunities on policies that will assist in building a bridge of understanding between indigenous and non-indigenous people to ensure Winnipeg’s continued success as a city we are all proud to call home.
  • The National Anti-Racism Summit being held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) in September 2015, in partnership with the CMHR. The conference, occurring one year after the museum’s official opening and eight months following the Mayor’s press conference against racism, will bring Canadians together to brainstorm about how to eradicate racism as a think-tank of compassion and inspiration.
  • A small business summit in partnership with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, scheduled for October 2015. The summit, as well as round tables that will occur quarterly throughout the year, will allow Winnipeg to hear from local small business regarding policy and initiatives that will help them grow and thrive.
  • The BuildWINNIPEG partnership task force, the starting point for a 10-year plan to repair and build roads, public transit, and active transportation networks, to be chaired by former City of Winnipeg CAO and President and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Annitta Stenning.

Watch the address above.

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