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Winnipeg Pet Show Me+3 4-Pack Ticket Offer

Winnipeg Pet Show Me+3 4-Pack Ticket Offer

Looking to head to the Winnipeg Pet Show this weekend with a group of friends?

To get 4 tickets for the price of 3, simply choose the show date you would like to attend and click the Special Offer box and select Me+3 4-Pack Offer!

The Winnipeg Pet Show is a weekend dedicated to people who love their pets. Pet owners will discover the latest pet-related products & services, and will also be treated to fun family entertainment including the Play Zone, Dog & Cat Breed Zones, Fish & Bird World, Reptile Island, & ExTreme Dogs in the Entertainment Ring! The Entertainment Ring will also feature the “Blue Buffalo Breeders Showcase” where visitors will be introduced to a variety of CKC purebred dog breeds to help them find the perfect companion that is best suited to their family’s needs and lifestyle.

The Winnipeg Pet Show’s goal is to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership. There will be information on every type of pet possible including dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles. Pet owners will also learn about responsible pet ownership and care through a combination of educational seminars and demonstrations on the Main Stage.

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