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PHOTO: Winnipeg Police’s New GURKHA Tactical Vehicle

PHOTO: Winnipeg Police's New GURKHA Tactical Vehicle

Here’s a look at the Winnipeg Police Service’s new GURKHA tactical vehicle manufactured by Terradyne Armored Vehicles, which is located in Newmarket, Ontario.

The vehicle is designed specifically for civilian based police purposes and will provide protection for Service members, partners such as the Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) Unit and the community as a whole.

Members of the Special Operations Group, including the Tactical Support Team (TST) and Crisis Negotiators are engaged in numerous high-risk incidents every year. Keeping the public and police members safe will be the primary objective of this new tool.

Whether transporting TEMS members into the danger zone to render first aid to those in need, allowing TST members to better communicate in an armed and barricaded situation or if necessary, provide a strategic advantage in the deployment of less than lethal force options, the GURKHA will provide a safe and secure means of doing so.

The vehicle will be hitting Winnipeg streets in spring 2016.

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