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Liquor Mart to Open Season of Tuxedo

Liquor Mart to Open Season of Tuxedo
Image by yanivba

Seasons of Tuxedo continues to fill in month after month. While the focus has been on the Outlet Collection of Winnipeg mall, the surrounding parking lot had construction fall/winter.

One of those businesses is a Liquor Mart going up right at the corner of Kenaston at Sterling Lyon. Work continues inside but expect signage up soon and an opening date probably before the snow melts.

The residential population has risen sharply in the last few years and more is being built now. This has required services be nearby and subsequently, medical offices, veterinarian offices and a specialty grocer have all hung up a shingle. The first beer vendor, The Tux, has opened in Winnipeg in decades and has begun to grow their customer base.

However, beer is not the only drink that some of the new residents want and despite another liquor store just down my McGillivary, Liquor Mart believes they have a customer base. They probably do and one that will get bigger and more units of housing goes up at Sterling Lyon and soon on Kapyong.

The way to reduce the cars on Kenaston is to ensure services where many people live. A Liquor Mart in site should go a long way to doing that. Now, when do we hear about the first cannabis store for Seasons of Tuxedo?

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
To read more from John, visit his blog Observations, Reservations, Conversations

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