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You Can Now Play Cross Country Canada for Free Online

You Can Now Play Cross Country Canada for Free Online

The greatest game ever created, Cross Country Canada, is available to play for FREE online! A fully working web-based MS-DOS emulation of the game is available at Archive.org.

If you’re not familiar with Cross Country Canada, it was originally released in 1986 for the Apple II by Didatech Software, and then ported to MS-DOS in 1991 where it entered the Canadian education system. It has been dubbed “One of the best edutainment titles ever made”.

In the game, you’re a truck driver tasked with delivering payload across Canada. An example task is to deliver potash from Saskatoon to Winnipeg. Along the way you’ll face harsh weather, deer, hitchhikers, and other challenges.

Anyone who attended a Canadian elementary school in the 90s would remember the struggles of getting the potash to Winnipeg on time.

So what are you waiting for? Put down Call of Duty and drop the Fortnite… adventure awaits! Click here to play the game.

Command List:

Command Description
AND Links commands together
C (continue) Moves the truck in the same direction it was going.
D (down) Driver steps out of the truck
DA View dashboard
DAY Shows how many days you’ve been on the road
EAT Eat at a restaurant. Costs $10 a shot.
EX Shows expenses.
FILL UP Fills up your gas tank.
GET [commodity name here] Gets the commodity if you are in a city that has it.
H (Health) Lets you know if your trucker needs to eat or sleep
I (inventory) Shows the date, all commodities you picked up, your final destination, and the next commodity you need (if applicable)
L (look) Gives a description of the surroundings
LM Local Map. Shows the current Prov/Territory.
N, S, E, W (and all combos) moves the truck in that direction.
PICK UP HITCHHIKER If you see a hitchhiker on the side of the road and want to pick him up, then stop the truck (press enter) and type this.
PM Political Map. Shows the whole map of Canada.
PUT ON SEATBELT What you should do when you get into any vehicle.
QUIT Quits the game.
RADIO FOR HELP Use when you get into an accident or run out of gas.
RESTORE loads a previous game.
SAVE Saves a game.
SCRIPT Prints a transcript of the game
SLEEP Sleep in your truck for 8 hours.
SLEEP IN HOTEL Sleep in a hotel for 8 hours. Costs $30.
SPEED If you want to be a speed demon and make the truck go faster. Causes accidents and the cops may come after you.
T Turns the truck on/off
T ON LIGHTS Turns on headlights. Use T OFF LIGHTS to turn off.
T ON WIPERS Turns on wipers. Use T OFF WIPERS to turn off.
U Gets the trucker back in the truck.
UNSCRIPT Stops printing your game.
WAIT Makes an hour go by.
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