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VIDEO: Access Winnipeg’s Exclusive Tour of The Rec Room at 696 Sterling Lyon Pkwy


Cineplex’s The Rec Room is now open at 696 Sterling Lyon Pkwy. It’s the 8th Rec Room location in Canada. The Rec Room is fully owned and operated by Cineplex, so you can earn and redeem Scene Points just as you would at the movies.

Food & Dining

Their in-house restaurant is called THREE10, which is named after Canada’s 3 territories and 10 provinces. The large dining room can accommodate groups of all sizes. Reservations can be made on their website.

No time for a sit down dinner? They also have a quick service restaurant called The Shed. It features a bunch of street food inspired handheld menu items so you can grab a quick bite before you play some games.

The entire venue is fully licensed. You can carry around your beverage while enjoying various entertainment options. All ages are welcomed.

Live Entertainment

The Hall is Rec Room’s live entertainment space. It will be a place to watch live bands, trivia night, karaoke, poetry nights, art battles, robot wars, and much more. The Hall can fit 200 people.

Arcade Games

The Yard has over 120 games, which is tied for largest Rec Room yard in Canada. You can play various redemption games to earn points. Those points can be traded in for prizes at The Trophy Case. Prizes range from nostalgic toys and candy to a Nintendo Switch!

Bowling & Axe Throwing

The Rec Room also has more to offer than just food and arcades. There’s a 6 lane 10-pin bowling alley. The family-friendly Brunswick bowling system can automatically put up ‘bumpers’ when its a childs turn to bowl. 4 lanes of Axe Throwing is another option if you need to blow off some steam.

Virtual Reality (VR)

If you want to enter virtual reality, you can do so at the VRcade. There are two options, smaller Atom pods that support up to 2 players. Or the larger VR arena that is completely untethered and can fit up to 6 players! You must be at least 10 years old to play VR. Children under 18 must have a parents signature.

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