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$1000 USD Giveaway as Bare At Home Goes Global and is Now Open for Business

Bare At Home takes Local Winnipeg Business to the World

Clairissa Cruz, founder of Bare Body Sugaring, local business leader and one of Winnipeg’s premier female, First Nations Entrepreneurs is going international with her new subscription product, Bare At Home.  To celebrate this exciting next step for the Bare Family, Bare At Home is giving away $1,000USD CASH and 2 Bare At Home kits. (Enter here)

Clairissa launched her sugaring business in her home twelve years ago. At the time, it was a one, woman business serving just a few clients.  From those humble beginnings, Bare Body Sugaring and the Bare family have grown into three salons and, arguably, Winnipeg’s top sugaring provider.

At the start of what was promising to be a banner year for Bare, the unexpected happened.

“We were firing on all cylinders. All three of our salons were fully booked and we were looking at opening salons outside of Winnipeg and out of province.   The universe had other plans.”

COVID19 caused much of the world to ground to a halt and the body sugaring industry was seriously impacted.

“Overnight, we had to cease operations in the salons due to the virus. At the time there was no rent relief and government assistance for employese was not yet available. We wanted to retain and pay our staff.  We still had vendors to pay. We needed to find a solution, and we needed to find one fast.”

The Bare At Home, sugaring kit, was born. Bare wanted to find a way to provide services to its clients and help keep them feeling positive during this time of isolation while, at the same time, providing work for staff.

It started small.

“We put together just 45 kits and offered them to our most loyal clients.  They sold out in less than a minute and requests for more just kept coming.  We brought in as many staff as we could, that would still allow us to follow social distancing guidelines, and we began assembling these kits.  Each kit includes a jar of our sugaring paste, application sticks, cloth removal strips and an instruction guide. 

We stayed up all night assembling these home sugar kits by hand and on our first pickup day we fulfilled 500 orders.

Suddenly, we realized Bare At Home was more than just a ‘fill in’ business model. We had something real and, in the first few weeks we had sold over 2000 units across North America and demand just continues to grow.”

For the Bare Family, the Bare At Home product isn’t just about a whole new line of business. It’s about extending the positive message of their brand.

“At Bare, we truly believe in the empowerment of women.  Bare At Home is a way to move that message forward.  We’ve designed Bare to be a ‘female safe, body positive’ environment but we also realize that coming to a salon can be an intimidating experience for some.  We want to let women know that we hear them and have designed a solution to help remove that intimidation factor while providing an outcome similar a Bare appointment.

We think that Bare At Home provides that outcome.”

Clairissa Cruz and Bare have never shied away from a challenge and, while COVID19 certainly threw some obstacles in Bare’s way, they embraced the old adage of “necessity is the mother of invention” and have now expanded Bare At Home globally.

It’s truly great to see strong women from Winnipeg excel in and, outside of, our city.

Get connected: www.linkedin.com/in/clairissacruz and follow her on Instagram: @clairissacruz

Bare at Home offers packages for as low as $25, and can be purchased online at www.bareathome.com.

Get connected: www.linkedin.com/in/clairissacruz and follow her on Instagram: @clairissacruz

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