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Manitoba Public Insurance: Top Five Frauds of 2020

No. 3 “Wascally Wabbit!”

The driver claimed a rabbit suddenly popped out of the bushes and ran in front of his vehicle. Startled, the driver said he applied the brakes and while attempting to avoid the little animal crashed head-on into a light standard. The vehicle sustained extensive front-end damage.

However, the driver’s story had a number of irregularities which caught the attention of a seasoned SIU investigator. The investigation revealed the man, 20, was experiencing significant financial issues, exasperated by a large vehicle payment.

A download from the vehicle’s Crash Data Recorder showed the vehicle was accelerating at the time of the crash, contradicting the man’s story that he was braking before he hit the pole. With all the evidence in hand, the claim was denied. Claims savings to MPI and its customers was $31,000.

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