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PHOTOS: Le Burger Week Winnipeg 2021 Participants

Here are all the burger photos from the 2021 Le Burger Week Winnipeg participants!


1 Scoops Burger Bar

The Reauben Burger – $16

Our fresh in house made all beef patty, topped with sliced corned beef, wine sauerkraut, melted real Swiss cheese, finished with drizzled thousand island sauce, all on a garlic butter toasted custom made rye bread bun.


2 Clementine

2 weeks is 2 long! – $9.00

The Lil’ Chz Burger House Ground Grass Fed Beef, Fried Onions, Crispy Onions, Cheddar, Clementine’s Classified Aioli, served on Our Garlic Butter Milk Bun.


3 Fionn MacCool’s Crossroads

Hey Hot Stuff, Peanut Butter Me Up! – $17.00

Spice up your day with a nice and spicy peanut butter sauce smothered over a beef patty with breaded jalapenos and banana peppers melted provolone cheese crisp shredded lettuce and guacamole …. Yumm!


4 Cho Ichi Ramen

Chicken Kar-Ramen Burger – $15.00

Deep-fried chicken, Yuzu mayo, banana peppers, tomatoes, and arugula in a Ramen noodle bun!


5 The Tallest Poppy

The Mozza Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Burger – $16.00

Breaded, deep fried beef patty stuffed with Mozzarella cheese with Whiskey Chipotle Aioli, spicy candied bacon, arugula and tomato on a honey butter glazed Pandesal Roll.


6 Rae’s Bistro

The Beast From The East – $22.00

Three seasoned 4oz. Canadian ground chuck patties, three slices of Bothwell cheddar cheese (white, old and medium), two strips of house smoked thick cut maple bacon, loads of dill pickle slices and tons of secret sauce. This 12oz. monster is served on a toasted pretzel bun with our signature skinny fries. Can you tackle the Beast From The East?


7 The Grove Pub & Restaurant

Cherry Bomb – $16.00

Cherry chutney, Bothwell pepper jack cheese, arugula, pickled jalapenos, sautéed onions & roasted garlic aioli


8 BROWNS Socialhouse Portage

The Big Smoke Burger – $22.00

Our Big Smoke Burger comes with a 100% ‘Certified Angus Beef’ 6oz Patty, Chipotle Pulled Pork, Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Crisp Iceberg Lettuce, Pickles, Smoke Sauce, a Crispy Onion Ring and Our HCDC Fries!


9 Fast Fired Roblin

Mushroom Florentine – $16.95

This burger has biiiiiiiiiig flavour! Brioche bun, spinach pesto, beef patty, rosemary oil sautéed mushroom, spinach, and onion, all locked in with swiss!


10 Cocoabeans Gluten-free

Bacon Brew Burger – $18.00

Coffee-rubbed beef and goat cheese patty with bacon jam, Swiss cheese, grilled peach, and crispy fried dill pickles on a sourdough bun. Comes with a choice of side (fries, soup or salad). 100% gluten free!


11 4th Line Pub and Grill

That’s my Jam – $13.00

A juicy all beef patty, hand breaded deep fried Saputo mozzarella cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced pickle, lime crema and our star of the dish a secret recipe only found at 4th Line, Housemade Bacon jam. $13 $16 with crispy fries


12 Sous Sol

Vincent Coqau – $16.00

Ground chicken, herb & cornichon patty, bacon jam, red wine glazed mushrooms & Cippolini onions, Emmenthal cheese, lemon-thyme aioli, tomato, egg bun


13 Elephant & Castle

The Saucy Englishman – $17.00

Our signature flame-grilled patty slathered in red ale, cheese and mustard sauce topped with crispy onion slivers, house slaw and a schmear of Bulleit Bourbon Bacon Jam all on a squishy pretzel bun. Pinkies up chums; let’s do it for England!


14 Tabula Rasa

Mar y Tierra – $16.00

Sazon spiced beef patty with green olive & caper, gambas al ajillo shrimp, tomato-pepper jam, saffron aioli, Oloroso sherry braised mushrooms, brioche bun


15 Rudy’s Eat & Drink

The Godfather – $18.00

100% Beef Patty, Tomato Basil Chutney, Pickled Red Onion, Arugula, Mozza, House Chips, Aioli, Brioche Bun


16 IHOP Winnipeg

The Sweet Waffle Stacker

A Fluffy & Delicious Belgium Waffle Infused with Oreo Cookie Pieces. Stuffed Full of House Made Sweet Cream & Choice of Filling! (Strawberry, Blueberry or, Maple Bacon Jam) Dusted with Powdered Sugar!


17 JC’s Tacos and More

La Abuela Burger – $17.99

A home-baked style bun, featuring a juicy beef patty, Saputo cheese, bacon strips grilled to perfection, fresh arugula, and our very own dressing created just for La Abuela burger!


18 Georges Burgers and Subs Express

The Mega Mac Boy – $16.00

1/4 pound beef patty, deep fried Mac n cheese bites, mozza, fried onions, pickles, lettuce , George’s house sauce (ranch, 1000 island, hot sauce). On our fresh bakery bun!


19 Chicken Chef

Carolina Gold Burger – $18.00

Our signature recipe hamburger patty served on an ACE bakery bun with a tangy peach infused golden bbq sauce and topped with smoked gouda cheese, 2 strips of bacon, 2 onion rings, lettuce and tomato. Served with your choice of one side.


20 Wienerpeg

The Pecorino Bambino – $15.00

Red Spring bakery bun, Manitoba grass fed Angus beef patty, Pecorino Romano, Worcestershire Aioli, Mustard, House made Pickles, white onion, celery salt


21 Miss Browns

The Green Machine – $16.00

6oz All Beef Patty with Parsley and Green Onion, Chimichurri, Butter Lettuce, Pickle, Provolone, Herbed Aioli and Arugula on a Sesame and Poppy Seed Bun


22 Tony Roma’s Pembina

Tony’s Hot & Crispy Chicken Sandwich – $18.00

A buttermilk marinated chicken breast, dredged in seasoned panko breading, fried until crispy. Topped with a spicy chili sauce and served on a garlic toasted brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato, pickled red onions and a sweet tangy cucumber slaw. Served with French fries.


23 Amsterdam Tea Room and Bar

ATR BURGER – $13.00

1/4lb Angus Chuck Patty, Indonesian Spiced Tomato Suace, Purple Cabbage, Green Onions, Crispy Onions, Gunn’s Onion Bun


24 Juneberry

Bourbon Street Burger – $16.00

5oz all beef patty, peach bourbon bbq sauce, camembert, arugula, lemon tarragon aioli, tomato and crispy fried onions on a toasted potato bun


25 Rumor’s Restaurant & Comedy Club

Country Fried Burger – $18.00

A deep fried breaded 4 oz. seasoned beef patty, topped with 2 strips of crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, onion rings and a dollop of Rumor’s signature ranch dressing.


26 Tavern United Transcona

Bifana Burger – $16.99

A juicy beef patty, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, thin sliced paprika flavoured pork loin and caramelized onions on grilled brioche bun


27 Kristina’s on Corydon

Mousaka Burger – $16.00

Freshly seasoned beef patty, grilled zucchini, eggplant and potato coins layered with béchamel cheese sauce, some Greek meat sauce inside a soft toasty bun!


28 Tavern United Windsor Park

The Buffalo Bacon Cheese Burger – $17.99

Two juicy beef patties, aged American Cheddar cheese, bacon, deep fried pickles, blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and onions on a brioche bun between two grilled nacho cheese crisps


29 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Henderson

Maple Bacon Chorizo Burger – $15.99

Smitty’s house-made beef burger patty blended with chorizo and three cheeses. Topped with grilled onions, maple bacon, cheddar cheese, mixed greens & our home-made maple bacon BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of side.



Flaming Hot Mac & Cheeto Burger – $15.50

AAA Angus Beef Burger, topped with Mac & Cheese,Flaming Hot Cheetos, Jalapeños, Crispy-Bacon Strips, Buttered Brioche Bun


31 Uptown Alley

Nona’s Smash Burger – $19.99

One 4 oz Uptown Alley Burger patty with pancetta and provolone cheese dressed with sliced tomatoes, Portobello mushroom and field greens.



The Wonder Boy – $15.50

AAA Angus Beef Patty, Shredded Lettuce, Tomato, Garlic-Mayo, Pork Belly & Spicy Kimchi Cream Sauce on Harvest Bakery’s Everything Bun


33 Chosabi Portage

Big Bite Shrimp Burger – $16.95

6OZ pure shrimp patty (made in house), Iceberg lettuce, sweet corn, mozzarella cheese, tomato, red onion with soft burger bun and garlic lemon mayo (made in house).


34 Roblin Grill

CheeseCurder – $15.00

6oz beef patty, a lot of melty cheese curds, bacon & onion jam, slow-roasted tomato, spicy mayo, lettuce, in a bun.


35 Banh Mi King

BMK Pho Burger – $15.00

Pho brisket onto buns and top with crispy fried pho noodle, fresh lettuces ,tomatoes, pickles and a squirt of hoisin and sriracha mayo, plus Thai basil leaves and bean sprouts add a crunchy effect to the burger.



Peach, Don’t Kill – $16.00

Thick-Breaded Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Garlic & Onion Aioli, Spicy Peach Hot Sauce, Coleslaw, Toasted Brioche Bun


37 VG Restaurant at Fairmont Winnipeg

Wagyu Doin – $19.00

Smoked Wagyu & Brisket & Chuck all Beef Pattie (4oz) Caramelized Onion Fig Jam, Fried Prosciutto & Potato Allumette Almond & Herbed Goat Cheese Medallion, Pickled Cucumber Nectarine Jam, Butter Lettuce, Vine Tomato Parmesan & Roast Garlic Topped Potato Bun Served with Sweet Tea CAD$19 + taxes


38 Mercy Me! Nashville Chicken

Mac and Cheese Fried Chicken Burger

Nashville style fried chicken, with spicy mac and cheese and sweet pickles on a toasted brioche bun


39 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Regent

Fiery Six Cheeseburger – $16.99

Smitty’s house- made smashed double cheeseburger sprinkled with Creole seasoning on a four-cheese crusted bun, spicy Cajun candied bacon, deep-fried crispy Cajun jalapenos & chipotle mayo. Served with your choice of side.


40 Saddlery On Market

Hangover Burger – $17.00

Whether you’ve overindulged the night before or not, this burger will cure what ails you and satisfy. 1/2 lb ground chuck, house aioli, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, home fries, no bean chili, cheese sauce and a sunny side up egg on a pretzel bun. We dare ya!


41 The Riverside

Riverside Hot Hawaiian – $14.95

Our Riverside Hot Hawaiian has a juicy beef patty lathered in teriyaki bbq sauce, with melted jalapeño jack cheese, bacon and topped with pineapple jalapeño relish, loaded with lettuce and tomato between a sesame bun. The best of sweet and spicy, crispy and juicy!


42 Milksmith

The Sweet Stack Slider – $10.00

Creamy vanilla ice cream patty dipped in chocolate, served between vanilla sesame cake bun, topped with chocolate lettuce, strawberry jello tomato and chocolate cucumber slices.


43 Olympia Diner

The Olympia Dip – $19.95

A house made hand pressed 7oz beef patty topped with shaved roast beef, sauteed onions and peppers, provolone cheese, pickle and a horseradish aioli with a side of au jus for dipping served on a toasted brioche bun.


44 Smokin Aces

No Messin’ about burger – $17.00

Double Chuck Beef Patties, Double American Cheese Slices, Freshly Sliced Crunchy Lettuce, Sliced Onions, Sautéed Onions And A Hearty Dollop Of Smokin Mac Sauce On Each Side Of Our Toasted Home Baked LE BURGER WEEK BUN..


45 Next Stop Cafe

Hotdog Burger – $15.50

Mediterrane marinated burgers and Round Hotdog, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and our special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle


46 Prairie Ink Restaurant & Bakery

Prairie Fire – $17.00

Bison patty with lettuce, tomato, and red pepper aioli. Topped with beer battered jalapenos, cheese sauce and spicy fried onions. On a house made bun. Served with a cup of soup or French fries


47 Bluestone Cottage Bakery Café

Pavo Con Pavo! – $18.00

Pavo Con Pavo! Salvadorian-style, Double Down on Turkey, Fresh and DELICIOUS Bluestone’s famous turkey burger patty piled with succulent Salvadorian-style braised turkey, salted cucumber, oil and vinegar slaw and fresh radish on a toasted brioche bun


48 The Osborne Taphouse

The Southern Comfort

5 oz. sirloin patty grilled to perfection, garnished with aged cheddar, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, deep fried avocado and onion, topped with a peanut butter aioli, served on a pretzel bun.


49 Bistro on Notre Dame

Molten Mo Seo – $22.00

Juicy Lucy Style, Bothwell Smoked Gouda inside Montreal Smoked Iron Head Bison + Chorizo On House made Russian Aioli and Aunt Cecille’s bread + butter pickles Topped with House made Korean BBQ sauce glazed bacon and Kim Chi in a house made sour dough pretzel bun


50 Hy’s Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar

HY’S Caesar Salad Burger – $24.95

8 oz Canadian Prime beef & pork patty, mixed with house made croutons and fresh garlic. Topped with lemon zested shredded romaine heart and melted white cheddar cheese. Finished with a brioche bun, Caesar aioli and a Parmesan crisp.


51 Bernstein’s Deli

Cheese Me, Please Me – $16.25

6 oz beef patty, double portion double panko crusted Bothwell medium cheddar patty, grilled onions & fancy sauce on a classic Gunn’s Bakery sesame hamburger bun. Comes with a couple pickle spears and side of coleslaw, potato salad or pasta salad. Price includes $1 donation to United Way


52 Tavern United Downtown

The Gunslinger Burger – $17.99

Two juicy patties, Danny’s pulled pork, candied Cajun bacon, jalapeno cheese sauce, crisp onion rings and iceberg lettuce on a grilled brioche bun


53 Red Top Drive Inn

The Mayor Burger – $10.20

Our famous hamburger patty topped with gyro meat, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese and onion rings


54 The Merchant Kitchen

Señora Potato Head – $18.00

5oz beef patty, cheddar ciabatta bun, tomatillo corn relish, pickled red onion, romaine, habanero cheese sauce, scallion sour cream, tater tots


55 Smokes Poutinerie Regent

Mac Daddy Burger Poutine

Fries, Curds, piping hot gravy with special Mac Daddy sauce, Prime Beef, shredded lettuce, Pickles and topped with Sesame seeds


56 Thirsty Lion Tavern Charleswood

The Celtastic Burger – $16.00

Our signature beef patty topped with Irish corned beef, a delicious blue cheese sauce, arugula, caramelized onions, and whiskey aioli. All between a soft pretzel bun.


57 Smitty’s Westwood

The Mean Street Philly Burger – $18.99

6oz beef patty topped with 5oz grilled sirloin steak smothered with sautéed mushrooms, onions, green peppers and mozzarella cheese. Drizzled with spicy aioli on a fresh homestyle bun, topped with two panko crusted onion rings.


58 A and V Drive Inn

The ZORBA – $24.95

Home made mouth watering grilled Greek Burger infused with a blend of spices, a hint of Mint, and 2 Gyro meat slices which is a mixture of beef and lamb. It is then topped with Bermuda onions fresh Tzatziki , Kalamata olives, Feta, Tomatos, and fresh spring Greens, all in between a savoury Onion Bun. Served with a side of Greek Fries.


59 Original Joe’s Unicity

The Crown Mushroom – $17.00

6oz beef patty seasoned with our signature steak spice and brushed with hoisin sauce. Topped with crown royal mushrooms, 2 strips of peppered bacon, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, and sriracha aioli. Served on our toasted brioche bun.


60 Hooters Restaurant

Hooterific Burger Platter

A hearty half pound burger with cheddar, bacon, and our signature BBQ sauce! Topped with a Hooters Hot Wing and served with a side of fries!


61 Shooters Family Restaurant

Sunday Morning – $18.00

6 oz Certified Angus Beef patty with house-made roasted cherry tomato jam, Mornay sauce, arugula, sunny side up egg, and crispy fried onions all served on a toasted potato scallion bun. Knife, fork, and bib recommended!


62 White Star Diner

Western Surf and Turf Burger – $19.95

Home made White Star patty topped with golden fried shrimp and a crisp onion ring. This delight is dressed with pickled red onion, remoulade sauce, lettuce and Ruby red tomato. It is served with a side if hand cut fries.


63 King + Bannatyne

The King Queso – $18.00

House-Made Brisket + Chuck Patty topped with our Very-Own Braised Beef, Creamy Queso Cheese Sauce, Apple Cider Caramelized Onions, Sweet + Spicy Jalapeño Relish and King + Bann Salsa Verde Burger Sauce and La Cocina Taco Crumble.


64 Original Joe’s St. Vital

Blueberry Bourbon BBQ Burger – $18.00

Our fresh pressed 6oz. all beef patty on a soft brioche bun, slathered with a blueberry bourbon BBQ sauce and finished with tomato, goat cheese and our mixed greens, tossed in a balsamic pear vinaigrette. Simple, fresh, delicious!


65 Four Crowns Restaurant & Cafe

Apple Fritter Crispy Chicken Cordon Blue – $17.00

Your fingers sink into the super soft sugary apple fritter donut bun, making your mouth water. The sweet and salty flavours are out of this world! Served with our popular homemade thick cut fries, this dish is bound to put you into a very happy nap mode. A delightful and classic Apple Fritter Donut sliced in half with a crispy chicken patty, shaved ham, swiss cheese, crispy onions, and wait… for… it… … … honey dill!!! What a treat!


66 Nicolino’s

“Il Magnifico” – $19.00

Our signature 7oz homemade beef burger topped with all things yum! Wild Boar Ragu, Brown Sugar-Candied Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Fort Gary Dark Ale & Jalapeno Aioli, Crispy Onions, Smoked Gouda, Tomato & Arugula. Served on our brioche & black sesame seed bun made here with love. Fries or tossed salad included. No modifications requested Available while quantities last Cannot be combined with any other promotion Dine in and pick up only


67 Chop Steakhouse & Bar

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Burger – $20.75

Coffee crusted 6.5oz CRSB Certified 100% Canadian beef patty, pumpkin aioli, creamy habanero sauce, roasted squash, maple candied bacon, crispy squash strings and arugula on a toasted brioche bun.


68 Underdogs

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $18.95

Can you smellllllllllllllllll what the Rock is cookin???!! Listen up ya buncha Jabronis, it’s time to take you down to Know Your Role Boulevard and tell ya about the greatest burger to ever burger. Braised short ribs, juicy MB beef patty, crispy fried onions, lemon garlic feta sauce, smak dab chipotle mustard, Bothwell old white cheddar, dill pickles, and fresh shredduce on an everything brioche bun. The Rock is without a doubt. Thee… MOST electrifying burger in Le Burger Week! Get ready for a bold taste that will layeth the Smacketh Down all over your Candy @$$!


69 Leopold’s Tavern Bridgwater

The Big Wahoona – $16.50

Japan meets Hawaii with this mash up of sweet pineapple and spicy wasabi. Crowned with a piece of crispy spam, the Big Wahoona is truly a king among burgers. Ingredients Include: Burger Bun Leo’s burger Patty Wasabi mayo Sesame dressing Spinach, Iceberg, Cabbage Red pepper, Onion Dijon Pineapple


70 Leopolds Tavern Osborne

The Burger of OZ – $16.50

A nice simple yet delicious burger, with a mix of pepper relish, smoked havarti, onion tanglers, arugula, and roasted garlic Rosemary mayo. Ingredients Include: Burger Bun Leo’s Burger Patty Rosemary mayo Onion tanglers Arugula Smoked havarti Chili oil


71 Shannon’s Irish Pub

Shannon’s Game Burger – $15.00

A 6oz blend of Bison, Elk and Wild Boar, topped with a light smear of Blueberry a slice of Whiskey cheese. Served on a plain Challah bun. sEr


72 State & Main Kildonan

The Chuck Berry – $17.00

2 beef chuck patties, on a butter grilled brioche bun. Topped with a house made triple berry jam, creamy goat cheese, provolone, sauteed mushrooms, fresh arugula.


73 Chosabi Asian Eatery

The Local Hero – $15.95

Manitoba Pickerel patty topped with crab meat, wasabi tartar sauce, sweet soya, Japanese pickled radish, and mixed greens, on a roasted sushi rice bun.


74 Marion Street Eatery

Gilty Pleasure – $18.00

Eatery smoked pork belly, CAB brisket patty, charred tomato bacon jam, candied ginger, Chaeban ricotta, sour pickles, chip salad, Tall Grass brioche bun.


75 Bailey’s Restaurant

Bailey’s Guinness Pub House Burger – $17.00

Two delicious Chuck Beef patties with Guinness BBQ Sauce, Fried String Onion, Sliced Button mushrooms and Jalapenos. Served on a white sesame bun with Chipotle mayo, Jalapeno Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Garnished with a breaded dill pickle.


76 Tavern United Garden City

Chimichurri Smashed Burger – $16.99

Two juicy beef patties, Saputo provolone cheese, chorizo sausage, chimichurri, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions on a grilled brioche bun


77 Tapp’s Neighbourhood Pub

Tapp’s Aloha Hawaii Burger – $20.00

We dress a toasted brioche bun with our house made garlic aioli, shredded lettuce and sliced red onion. Our house made burger patty made with Certified Angus Beef and fresh ground pork is grilled to perfection and topped with sliced medium cheddar cheese. This is topped with grilled Black Forest Ham and 2 grilled pineapple rings. We finish this treat with one more grilled pineapple ring on top of the bun.


78 Block & Blade Restaurant & Bar

Chimichurri Twist – $17.00

Our signature house made 7oz Certified Angus Beef patty, topped with Chimichurri, sliced pineapple, bacon jam, marinated mushrooms, and Bothwell mozzarella cheese.


79 Shawarma Khan

The Khansation – $14.00

Shawarma Khan’s reputable beef & lamb patty topped with mature cheddar cheese. Our signature garlic sauce with a curry twist accompanies, caramelized onions, middle eastern slaw, pickled turnips and hummus. All between a potato scallion bun. Served with a side of chips and dip. *Meat burger can be substituted for a falafel burger. Burger can be made vegan and vegetarian.


80 Cibo Waterfront Cafe

The G.O.A.T – $20.00

The G.O.A.T (Gruyere, Onion, Aioli, Tarragon). Two smashed brisket & chuck patties | Red wine & beef demi onions | Charred leak aioli | Gruyere & Emmental cheeses | Toasted herb & garlic bread crumbs | Tarragon slaw


81 Saffrons


One freshly cut and seasoned seven oz beef patty with no fillers, topped with orange cheddar cheese, bbq sauced pork rib meat, red onion, crispy pickle chips, maple garlic dijon mayo, all between a brioche bun.


82 Moxies Grill Bar Downtown

Pork Belly Spicy Slaw Burger

We start with a fresh chuck patty and grill to perfection, then brush with a sweet soy glaze until caramelized. The crispy pork belly is then layered on the burger as we add a spicy bbq sauce to pick it up a notch, It then is stacked high with a house made jalapeno pickled slaw. Just to add a bit more bite we finish with fresh jalapenos and serve it between a toasted brioche bun accompanied by an order of our signature fries.


83 James Avenue Pumphouse

Bacon Double Double – $20.00

This is our Bacon Double Double! Double beef patties, double American cheese, thick-cut bacon, sauteed onions, dill pickles, and our secret sauce on a toasted potato bun. Served with or without our snow cheese curly fries.


84 Tipsy Cow

N.O.N.A (No Onions Not Allowed) – $14.99

Manitoba bison chorizo& Beef chuck smash patty smothered in whisky onion soubise sauce on a local potato bun perfectly balanced with pickled shallots & grainy mustard. Limited quantities will be available each day.


85 Shorty’s Pizza Winnipeg

The Shorty’s Burger – $10.99

Veal/Pork/Beef patty, Provolone, garlic dill sauce, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomato, and dill pickles on a white bun.


86 Tony Roma’s St. James

The Maddy Wellington Burger – $18.00

A flame grilled all beef patty topped with Havarti cheese & bacon, smothered with garlic aioli. Served on a toasted brioche bun with mushroom pecan spread, grainy mustard, onions, bruschetta & lettuce. Served with a side of French Fries.


87 The Kings Head Pub

Double Beef Banger – $17.00

7 oz. ground angus chuck patty, butterfly beef bangers, Iceberg lettuce, sauteed onions, spicy mustard, cheddar cheese served with a side of cream peppercorn gravy on a Pretzel Bun.


88 Santa Lucia Pizza – North Main

The Italian Stallion – $22.45

Our popular Chicken Parmesan transformed into a burger. Crispy fried chicken breast topped with Bothwell mozzarella, smothered in marinara and finished with a baked cheese crisp. Served with an Alfredo poutine to make the perfect duo. 1$ from every burger sold will be donated to United Way Winnipeg.


89 Kosmo’s Space Cowboy Food Cantina

Crumb Gal 420 – $15.00

From the 9th circle of Flavortown comes this unholy union of @Crumbqueen crueller and Kosmo’s Golden Gal. House ground chuck n beef patty on glazed sesame crueller with caramelized onions, 2 slices of ‘Merican cheese, kwispy bacon and jacked up Kosmo sauce.


90 The Oakwood

Oakwood Crown & Coke – $17.00

House beef patty topped with slow cooked brisket infused with Manitoba’s very own Crown Royal whiskey and Coke, crispy onions, chipotle mayo and a Crown Royal & Coke reduction. Gluten free patty and bun option available.


91 Promenade Cafe and Wine

Hey… what’s your name?… “Reuben” – $18.00

Onion bun with Japanese mayo, Montreal meat, Beef Brisket and Short Rib patty, Corned beef, cheese, smack dab mustard, boiled egg and sauce Gribiche


92 Chicken Chef Main Street

Philly BBQ Burger

Our take on this classic Philly. A Toasted Kaiser bun topped with our Signature Patty, seasoned to perfection, topped with grilled Shaved Sirloin Beef and Green Peppers, Mushrooms and Onion mixture topped again with Mozzarella Cheese and our In House BBQ Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato and of course, Pickles! Served with your Choice of 1 Side.


93 Wayback Burgers

Double Bacon Burger – $10.49

“Hold the bacon,” said no one ever. Our classic burger topped with four slices of crispy bacon for mouthwatering perfection. American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and of course, ketchup and mustard complete this masterpiece.


94 Jeffrey’s Restaurant

Walby Bone Crusher Burger – $18.00

Inspired by Blue Bomber and CFL Hall of Famer Chris Walby. Are you ready to tackle this 6.3 ounce home made beef patty, topped with Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, our home made tangy chipotle sauce, banana peppers and finished with our in house coleslaw, tomatoes Ailoli sauce and topped off with a siracha dipped wing.


95 Tommy’s Pizzeria

Smokin’ Jack – $19.99

Tommy’s half pound patty, lemon-garlic aioli, smoked gouda, Jack Daniels bacon jam, cilantro cabbage coleslaw, homemade potato sticks, spicy pickled onions, on our in-house baked brioche bun.


96 Yard Burger

The Wagyu Ribwich – $18.00

Our signature wagyu beef patty, pulled baby back rib meat, memphis hot bbq sauce, piquillo cheese spread, yard sauce, crispy onions, dill pickles, baby kale on a martin’s potato bun.


97 Nuburger Stradbrook

45-90 – $13.00

45 day aged beef from one farm out of Carman. 90 day aged Loaf and Honey cheese. Elman’s garlic pickles, diced onions and our secret sauce all on a classic potato bun.


98 Roughage Eatery

Hunny Spicy Chickun Burger – $18.00

This vegan chickun burger will have all the carnivores questioning all vegan burgers from now on! Our chickun Seitan patty is coated in a spicy, seasoned panko crust then it’s panfried for max crispiness. We then pour on a sweet heat homemade Hunny sauce, add a layer of pickles, dress both sides of the Kaiser bun with an extra hot soy mayo, diced red onions and add loads of lettuce. Burger is served with tortilla chips and our Nacho Cheeze.


99 Taverna Rodos Restaurant & Lounge

My Big Fat Greek Burger – $13.00

8oz ground beef & pork patty spiked with fresh herbs & garlic, topped with fire roasted sweet red pepper, red onion, leafy greens & a thick spread of homemade spicy tirokafteri spread; housed in a brioche bun.


100 Simon’s Steaks

L.B.C Burger – $16.00

Canadian sourced AAA Angus beef patty, topped with zesty lime and feta crema, fresh corn, crispy bacon and jalapeño salsa, finished off with crispy tortilla chips, local veggies and garlic mayo. Served in a soft pretzel bun.


101 The Original Pancake House

Everything’s going to be o’queso. – $18.00

A seasoned 5oz patty from H.M.S with a sweet and crunchy jalapeno coleslaw. Topped with a Zinn Farms chorizo sausage, zesty nacho chips and a rich white cheddar queso. All served on a fresh jalapeno cornmeal bun from KUB bakery with a side of waffle fries and salsa fresca.


102 Chosabi Taylor

Flamin’ Hot Salmon Burger – $17.95

Torched spicy king salmon patty and spicy aioli, topped with fresh mango, wakame(seaweed) salad, mixed greens, and sweet soya, held together by a panko crusted rice patty.


103 Boston Pizza Grant Park

Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Burger – $19.99

Comfort food with a kick! Boston Pizza’s 100% pure Canadian beef burger, layered with savoury prosciutto, fresh leaf lettuce & tomato, jalapeno-pickled onions, and topped with a jalapeno and bacon-spiked mac & cheese. Served on a garlic-buttered brioche bun brushed with a cajun-spiced ketchup and finished with a jalapeno & bacon skewer. Served with a choice of fries, Caesar or garden salad.


104 Nuburger Regent

Country Grammar – $12.00

Hot sh… Jalapeno cheese, country gravy, country slaw all with a country-fried patty all on a pillowy soft garlic n’ sesame dinner roll.


105 Smitty’s Pembina Grant

“Oh Holy Guacamole” Burger – $18.99

House made burger patty, topped with house made guacamole, caramelized onions, flame roasted peppers, and goat cheese. Finished off with lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles. Served with guests’ choice of side.


106 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Garden City

Cheesy Chili Burger – $15.99

Smitty’s house-made beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, covered in spicy homemade chili and crisp coleslaw. Served with your choice of side.


107 Smitty’s Meadowood

South Of The Border Burger – $18.99

House made burger patty, topped with taco seasoning, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, cheddar cheese, deep-fried onions, and deep-fried jalapenos. Finished off with garlic butter, chipotle aioli, diced lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, lime juice and parsley. Served with guest’s choice of side.


108 Monstrosity Burger

CAL-ZILLA – $24.95

TWO mouth watering half pound patties between THREE grilled cheese sandwiches topped with house made caramelized bacon, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, mozza & jalapeno jack cheeses and cheese sauce. Finished off with lemon dill mayo and strawberry fig drizzle and topped with crispy avocado!


109 The Wood Tavern

Lil’ Kahuna Burger – $18.00

4oz all beef patty, house cured back bacon, Bothwell cheddar & lettuce on a grilled brioche bun


110 Smitty’s Pembina South

Cheesy Chorizo Burger – $18.99

House made burger patty, topped with chorizo sausage, grilled cheese curds and onion rings. Finished off with avocado smash, chipotle mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles. Served with guests’ choice of side.


111 Meal Set Bistro

The SPACE JAM Burger – $32.00

We got a real jam goin’ down. Welcome to the SPACE JAM Burger! Tune into our special blend of two 4oz Wagyu beef patties topped with Saputo cheddar cheese. In between our beet infused red brioche bun, you’ll discover our house made blueberry compote, candied bacon, sunny side up egg with 24k gold flakes, fresh roma tomatoes, locally sourced coral lettuce, panko onion ring, deep fried pickles, smothered with our jalapeño honey mustard aioli. “Pump up the jam” with our soft shell crab to make the “crowd go crazy”! ⁣ ⁣ “Hit em high” with an optional side of curly fries supreme ($7)⁣


112 Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

The X-Tudo Carnaval – $18.00

Come taste our Brazilian beauty! We start with your choice of our specialty made chuck and beef patty or fried chicken breast, cooked to perfection, and topped with mozzarella cheese and chorizo “bacon” strips. This beauty also features our house-made pineapple am and our blue cheese avocado aioli with a corn and egg frittata, caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes and mixed greens, all on our gourmet onion pretzel bun. It’s X-Tudo in every way!


113 The White Top Drive In

Old School Classic Fat Boy – $15.00

Two fresh, hand-made all-beef AAA patties on a warm, toasted, freshly baked bun, topped with melted cheddar cheese, smothered in a tasty homemade chili sauce. With zesty mustard, cool onions, tangy pickles, fresh iceberg lettuce, garden fresh tomatoes slices and savoury mayo. Served with White Top Signature Manitoba-grown hand-cut French fries, cooked to a golden brown perfection!


114 Fionn’s Grant Park

Honey Dill Reuben Burger – $18.95

Canadian Beef Patty, our signature all dressed mayo, topped with corned beef, provolone, bacon sauerkraut, banana peppers, finished off with a generous helping of honey dill sauce. Served on a buttered and toasted bun with your choice of side.


115 Tavern United Fort Garry

Southwestern Burger – $17.99

Two juicy beef patties, aged American Cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, bacon, queso sauce, guacamole, pickled jalapenos, red onions, sunny side egg, iceberg lettuce and mayo on a grilled brioche bun


116 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge St. James

Bulleit BBQ Bacon Burger – $15.99

Smitty’s house-made beef burger covered with pepper jack cheese, topped with breaded jalapeno peppers & homemade Bulleit BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of side.


117 Market Burger

MB special 21 – $17.99

A very yummy house made patty (4oz each) topped with sweet and sour onion, onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, cheddar & jalepeno jack cheese, tomato pickles, bacon argula baby lettuce & spinach and special house mixed dressings ! Each Burger comes with a side of small fries !


118 Silver Heights Restaurant and Lounge

Achy Brekky Heart – $16.00

Homemade Apple Fritter Bun, Certified Angus Beef Breakfast All Beef Patty, Sunny Side up Egg, shredded hashbrowns, smoked cured bacon, spinach, Hollandaise and topped with roasted red pepper seasoning.


119 Saburo Kitchen

Banh Mi Burger – $15.95

All the classic flavours you want in a Vietnamese sandwich – Pork and Beef Patty infused with Lemongrass, Thai Basil, and Fish Sauce on a toasted Gunn’s Bakery Baguette Bun, Chicken Liver Pate and Pickled Daikon and Carrots made in-house, Fresh Cilantro and Sliced Jalapenos.


120 North Star Drive In

PBJ (pierogis bacon n jam) – $8.99

Hand pressed all beef patty, cheddar cheese, onion rings, sour cream, strawberry jam, fried onions & bacon, chilli sauce and cheddar cheese pierogis on a sesame seed bun!


121 Loft 180 at McPhillips Station Casino

The “Thanks a Brunch” Burger – $17.95

Char Grilled 7oz Canadian Beef Patty topped with pepper bacon jam, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a fried egg on a Belgian waffle bun.


122 Moxie’s Grill & Bar Polo Park

Sweet Chili Heat Burger

Sugar, spice and everything nice in this burger. We take our fresh chuck brisket patty and charbroil it to perfection. We then brush it with our sweet and spicy marinade, cover it with melted aged white and yellow cheddar. It’s then topped with two strips of mouth watering sriracha candied bacon and a pile of fried onions tossed in cinnamon spice. We finish it with artisan lettuce, tomato and our in-house roasted garlic chipotle aioli. All of this is packed into a buttery brioche roll and served with an order of our signature fries.


123 Famous Dave’s Winnipeg

Brisket N’ Smokin’ ChzBurger – $18.95

Famous Dave’s is returning for a second time with another juicy, crunchy, and delicious burger. A pressed patty made with 100% of our Texas Beef Brisket, coated in a home-made onion seasoning specifically made for burger week, flamed grilled to perfection laying on a bed of sweet-pickled carrots. Topped with a generous slice of hickory-smoke jalapeño jack cheese, crusted with panko to add crunch to every bite. Garnished with a bed of spring mix and a dollop drizzle of our made from scratch creamy pineapple thai sauce. All of that goodness between an everything seasoned brioche bun from Winnipeg’s local bakery, the Bake Oven.


124 Saucers Cafe

The Triple Threat – $10.00

3 local businesses team up for a Triple Threat like no other! An “Oh Doughnuts” bun sandwiches a rich chocolate patê patty between tart raspberry sauce and mango purée, mixed with “Cheaban” mascarpone cheese. Topping it off with rice crispies, and our matcha green tea, white chocolate lettuce.


125 Leopold’s Tavern Academy

The K-Pop – $16.50

An Asian fusion inspired burger with house made Korean BBQ sauce & Kimchi infused Japanese mayo, thick cut bacon, Vietnamese pickled carrots, cucumber, and hoisin sauce, topped with popped rice noodles. Served with taengkwa hot sauce. Ingredient Include: Burger Bun Leo’s Burger Patty Kimchi Infused Japanese Mayo Korean BBQ sauce Taengkwa Hot sauce Cucumber Pickled Carrot Furikake seasoning Rice Noodles Hoisin


126 Shark Club

Canuck Chuck – $17.00

Inspired by Canadians, try our sweet & spicy Ground Chuck Burger with Maple Dijon glazed Bacon, Crown Rye Whisky & Maple Caramelized Onions, Spicy Chipotle Channel Marker Beer Cheese & Fried Pickles. All sandwiched between a locally made Rye bun. Served with fries.


127 The Canadian Brewhouse

Beet Chili Heat – $18.99

Our Brewhouse patty served with cheddar cheese, roasted garlic & beet aioli, served with pickled jalapeños, sweet potato fries, cheddar cheese and a feta crema. Topped with sweet chilli heat Doritos.


128 Confusion Corner Drinks + Food

Duke of Pembina – $15.00

This weeks Le Burger Week entry consists of 6oz beef patty, Manchego cheese, fresh chimichurri, charcoal – mayo, pickled red onion, arugula on a potato bun.


129 Moxies Grill Bar Kenaston Common

I can’t feel my face with vindaloo Burger – $19.00

Deep fried potato cake doubled up with a 6oz ground chuck patty, smothered in our house made vindaloo sauce. Served on a soft brioche bun with curry yogurt aioli, sautéed pepper & onion, aged white cheddar, shredded lettuce, fresh sliced tomato, red onion and pickle. Paired with a healthy portion of our crispy and delicious french fries.


130 Boston Pizza Kenaston

CaesBurger – $19.99

The ultimate kitchen & bar collab! Boston Pizza’s signature Caesar cocktail – meets a burger! 100% pure Canadian beef topped with bacon strips dusted in BP’s fully loaded Caesar seasoning, melted cheddar, Caesar-marinated tomatoes, pickled beans, onions, and a creamy aioli. Served on a sesame seed brioche bun, brushed with garlic butter, and topped with a pepperoni skewer & a Caesar spice-dipped celery stick. Served with a choice of fries, Caesar or garden salad.


131 Le Garage

The Cosmonaut – $17.00

Burger eaters of the world, unite! This mighty burger boasts: pastrami, coleslaw, swiss cheese, our famous ground chuck patty, a special house-made Russian dressing and topped with a deep fried pickle. The Cosmonaut is out of this world.


132 St. James Burger & Chip Co.

The Cinn City – $19.00

A juicy chorizo pork infused beef patty is coated in melted, Bothwell old cheddar cheese, and stacked with thick cut, locally sourced bacon, and a made-in-house celery, apple, & fennel slaw. Then we add a spicy pineapple hot sauce and drizzle a made-in-house cream cheese icing over top before stacking it all on a Gunn’s Bakery Cinnamon Bun fresh off the grill. Served with our famous Cinnamon Salt Fries! $1 from every sale goes to United Way.


133 Nuburger Kenaston

Big T – $13.00

The chosen one. Dried prujoot (proscuitto). Fried provolone. Black garlic aioli. Cherry insatala. Pasture raised beef. Brioche bun.


Le Burger Week Winnipeg runs from September 1 – 14, 2021!

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