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‘Frozen Fairways’ Brings Frozen Mini Golf to CF Polo Park

Enjoy a Canadian twist on mini golf! From November 27 to December 1, 2021, a portion of CF Polo Park’s parking lot will be transformed into Frozen Fairways, a frozen mini golf course!

The five day holiday mini-putt experience that replaces a putter, greens and balls with a hockey stick and puck and artificial ice. Frozen Fairways features nine-holes, each with exciting Canadian twists including beloved activities like hockey and curling, and cultural staples like icing fishing and sugar shacks.

Tee times will have to be pre-booked online. There is a $5 reservation fee per group of up to 4. Tickets will go on sale starting on November 17. All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit local charities.


  • Customers are encouraged to use hand sanitizing station before and after event
  • Covid 19 self-assessment signs will be posted at the clubhouse. Each customer should perform assessment prior to checking in
  • Social distancing (2 meters) is required at all times within the event space
  • Frozen Fairways is an outdoor event and does not require customers to wear their masks, however our staff will have the proper PPE available on site and will be wearing them when necessary
  • Cleaning of customer touch points at clubhouse will happen after each visit (every 5 minutes) and will have a deep clean of gold holes hourly

For more information, visit https://shops.cadillacfairview.com/property/cf-polo-park/news-events/e/frozen-fairways-2021.

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