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PHOTOS: La Poutine Week Winnipeg 2022 Participants

Here are all the poutine photos from the 2022 Le Poutine Week Winnipeg participants!

La Poutine Week will run from February 1 – 14, 2022.


1 Block and Blade

The Tipsy ‘Toban

Dill fries layered with caramelized Whiskey onions, candied maple bacon, Bothwell fried cheese curds, smothered in Transcanada Arrow IPA Jus, and garnished with green onions.



Hot Pho Beef Poutine – $13.99

Roast Beef, Cheese Curds, Red Onions, Cilantro, Smothered in Hot Beef-Bone Gravy


3 Saddlery On Market

Thank You Very Mush – $14.00

House cut fries topped with Bothwell cheese curds, Saputo mozzarella cheese, sautéed cremini, Portobello, oyster and shitake mushrooms, button mushroom gravy and fresh chives


4 Wienerpeg

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – $15.00

Manitoba Ranger Russet house-made fries, house-made chicken gravy, Cheese Curds, Fired Chicken, Scallions


5 Banh Mi King

Si Chuan Slow Cooked Pork Poutine

Si Chuan flavor slow cooked pork with french fries, topped with home made green mustard sweet and sour pickles and sriracha mayo sauce on the side.


6 Leopold’s Tavern Henderson

Mac N’ Nash – $18.50

A Nashville Chicken inspired poutine. House cut fries, cheese curd mac & cheese, Nashville Gravy, Southern fried chicken tossed with our very own blend of Nashville spices. Topped with bread & butter pickles.


7 Preservation Hall Eatery and Wine Bar

Divine Duckadence – $35.00

A premium poutine of house-cut fries, foie gras gravy, duck confit, seared foie gras, cheese curds, and a cherry/caramelized onion reduction.


8 Cho Ichi Ramen

Kazan Poutine – $14.50

Crispy fries topped with mozza-corn, ground beef, gravy, and fried onions.


9 Jonesy’s Restaurant + Lounge

The Beefeater – $17.00

Fresh cut fries, tender slow roasted beef, cheese curds, caramelized onions and gravy crowned with 2 crispy onion rings, mini Yorkshire pudding and drizzled with creamy horseradish sauce.


10 Lee’s on Devries

Don’t Go Steak-in’ My Heart – $15.00

You know what’ll never break your heart? Steak. Because steak is ALWAYS there for you and always delicious. That’s why the crown jewel of this gorgeous poutine is Angus Beef Top Sirloin goodness. Under that goodness we’ve used hand-cut, house-made fries from Peak of the Market Potatoes, a seven cheese Bothwell Cheese blend, baked cheese strips (for a cheesy crunch) all smothered in a classic hunters gravy (onions, tomatoes, garlic, and mushrooms in our homemade beef gravy) topped off with Lee’s own personalized micro greens.


11 Nick’s Inn Restaurant

The Bacon Pickle Fry Poutine – $14.95

Hand cut Fries, made from locally grown potatoes, cooked golden brown. Topped with Bacon and Saputo cheese curds, smothered with our Signature Gravy, finished with housemade Pickle Fries.


12 Tavern United Windsor Park

Apple Cheesecake Poutine – $11.99

Tavern United’s famous English Cut Chips, delicious cheesecake bites and warm apple cinnamon topping, topped with lightly fried tortilla crisps and caramel sauce


13 Marion Street Eatery

The Marion Street Eatery Beet Salad Poutine – $16.00

An Eatery classic evolved into a French Canadian classic! Eatery made russet fries, beet chips, balsamic reduction, Bothwell red wine cheddar, mushroom Dijon gravy, greens, and a feta pistachio ginger honey crumble.


14 Tavern United Fort Garry

BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Poutine – $16.99

Grilled chicken breast, red onions and green onions over crisp sweet potato fries, smothered in our very own barbeque alfredo sauce with Bothwell “Squeaky Cheese” curds


15 Yard Burger

The Southern Comfort – $15.00

House cut fries, Cajun seasoning, toasted cheese scone, cheese curds, homemade sausage gravy, pickled jalapeno.


16 1928 Eatery & Pub

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Fries – $13.99

Crispy Fries, Fried Chicken Bites tossed in Hot Buffalo Sauce, Creamy Ranch Dressing & Pickles



Island Boy Poutine – $13.99

Crisp Fries, Beef Burger, Sweet Tangy Gravy, Mozzarella, Fried Egg, Onions



Spicy Miso Cheese Fries

Spicy Miso Shredded Pork Chasu, Carmelized Onions, Hot Cheese Sauce, Fries, Green Onions


19 Prairie’s Edge

Pork Belly Benedict Poutine – $17.00

Sous vide pork belly, Bothwell cheese curds, caramelized onions, maple chipotle hollandaise sauce, topped with a poached egg, and bed of house made fries.


20 Tavern United Downtown

Steak & Guinness Poutine – $16.99

AAA Canadian sirloin, fresh cut fries, Bothwell “Squeaky Cheese” curds, sautéed mushrooms and sautéed julienne onions, drizzled with a Guinness beer gravy


21 Famous Dave’s Winnipeg

“Not’Cho” traditional Smokin’ Poutine! – $16.50

“Not’Cho” traditional Smokin’ Poutine!


22 Nob Bar at the St. Norbert Hotel

Philly Sirloin TaterTine – $15.95

Tater Kegs(jumbo taters stuffed with bacon, cheddar and chives) surrounded by 4 ounces of marinated sirloin, peppers, red onions and melted Kingsley cheese curds smothered in a homemade Southern Comfort infused gravy


23 SMITH Restaurant

“Chuck” Norris – $19.00

Shredded braised beef, mushroom gravy, cheesy mornay sauce, sweet pickled onion, and chive


24 Olympia Diner

The Dex – $15.95

House Cut French Fries topped with Cheese Curds, Gravy,Olympia’s House Made Burger Mix, Bacon with Cheddar Cheese, Green Onions and a Pickle.


25 Lolly’s Restaurant


Seasoned fries, ‘Korean fried chicken, Saputo Cheese Curds, Gojang Housemade Gravy, Green onion, Crispy wonton strips, topped with Kimchi and Cilantro sauce.


26 Sous Sol

Boeuf Bourguigntine – $18.00

Russet Fries, Thyme Salt, Beef Cheek Bourguignon, Sauce Chasseur, Cheese Curds, Foie Gras Torchon


27 Curry and Pint

Reloaded Butter Bacon Chicken Poutine – $11.99

Butter chicken poutine. Homemade butter Currie. Grilled/ deep fried pierogies mixed with hash browns topped up with butter bacon chicken


28 Tavern United Polo Park

Heavy Cheese & Maple Bacon Poutine – $15.99

Tavern United’s famous English Cut Chips tossed with maple bacon seasoning, Bothwell “Squeaky Cheese” curds, “Winnipeg Style” blended cheese, crisp bacon and gravy, topped with cheese sauce and green onions


29 Tabula Rasa

Chorizo Poutine – $16.00

Patatas, House Made Chorizo, Pimiento Rojo Gravy, Cheese Curds, Garlic Crema, Pico de Gallo


30 Tavern United Transcona

Fajitas Beef Poutine – $14.99

Tavern United’s famous English Cut Chips with gravy, Bothwell “Squeaky Cheese” curds, topped with sautéed beef and peppers


31 Rudy’s Eat & Drink

Poutine “Pizza” – $16.00

French Fry Crust, Mozzarella, Short Rib Burnt Ends, Red Wine Pan Gravy, Chives


32 The Canadian Brewhouse

The Canadian Poutine – $17.99

Seasoned Potato Wedges tossed with Maple Pepper Bacon and Cheese Curds topped with a rich Chicken Gravy, creamy Garlic Boursin Cheese and garnished with Green Onions.


33 Junction 59 Roadhouse

Braised Beef Adobo Poutine – $20.00

Rich braised adobo beef on top of our house cut fries, with mounds of Saputo cheese curds, Gravy with a touch of our famous Caliente and cheese sauces, Garnished with cool sour cream


34 Willy Dogs

Whistle Dog Poutine – $14.00

Cavendish fries topped with pieces of applewood smoked bacon , winnipeg old country all beef hotdog, fried onions , smothered in grated cheese and topped with gravy and drizzled bbq sauce.


35 One Great City Brewing Company

Special O’Cajun – $17.00

Cajun spiced fries, chorizo sausage, cheese curds, pickled corn, country gravy, cilantro crema, chives


36 Mercy Me! Nashville Chicken

Fried Chicken and Waffle Poutine – $15.00

Fried Nashville style chicken, waffle, crinkle fries, cheese curds, chicken and maple gravy, bacon bits


37 Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Seoul Food Poutine – $17.95

East meets west in a marriage of beefy poutine deliciousness. Slow braised short-rib, crispy fries, gochujang jus, cheese curds, pickled onions, kewpie mayo


38 Cocoabeans GF

La Petite Potato Poutine – $14.00

Smashed and fried baby potatoes with caramelized onion soubise, cheese, green onions, crispy onions and carrots; all dusted with smoked paprika and salt. Gluten-free. Vegetarian. Dairy-free and vegan options available.


39 The Oakwood

Bourguignon Esque – $17.00

When worlds collides you get our take on the French classic Beef Bourgiugnon. Slow cooked brisket in place of the traditional stewing beef. The traditional Bourguignon sauce with fresh thyme and red wine, brisket, some veg, of course bacon and cheese curds topped with sauteed mushrooms over hand cut fries. So good even Chef Auguste Escoffier would approve.


40 The Riverside

Riverside Roast Poutine Smash – $16.95

Baby potatoes boiled seasoned and smashed then roasted to crispy perfection. Topped with juicy braised beef, Bothwrll cheese curds, gravy, and drizzled with horseradish aoli then garnished with crispy onions and chives


41 Silver Heights Restaurant

Chilli Con Carny – $14.00

The Ultimate Carny Experience. All your favorite carnival treats into one great Dish!! Heights Signature Fries, Beef Gravy, Saputo Cheese Curds, Corn Dog bites, Homemade Chilli, Jalapeno Cheese Sauce, Siracha Sweet Ketchup topped with crispy onions and a Pogo!


42 Rae’s Bistro

Let’s Give Em Something To Taco Bout – $19.00

Our signature skinny fries, homemade crumbled chorizo, smoked aged white cheddar, classic cheese curds, sauteed red pepper, caramelized onion, and candied jalapeno, smothered in sweet Cajun gravy, smoky Velveeta cheese sauce and green onion. We hope you “Love, Love, Love” this poutine. :)


43 Smoke’s Poutinerie (Winnipeg)

Mac Daddy Poutine – $12.99

Fried, Curds, Gravy, Ground Beef, Secret Mayo Sauce, shredded lettuce, diced pickles, and topped with Sesame seeds.


44 Big Smoke Burger (Winnipeg)

Collossal Chorizo – $10.95

Fresh Fries, Quebec Cheese curds, Gravy, our house made BIG Sauce Crumbly Chorizo sausage and topped with crisp green onions.


45 Four Crowns Restaurant & Cafe

Yorkshire Chicken Pot Pie Poutine – $18.50

It is as amazing as it sounds! This heart warming combination is a must have if you’re celebrating La Poutine Week! Saputo shredded real mozza cheese, fresh gravy, real home cut golden skinny fries, topped with a Yorkshire Pudding and of course delicious homemade Chicken Pot Pie filling. Go ahead ask for a sriracha drizzle on top… your deserve it! We proudly donate $1 of each poutine sold to United Way Winnipeg!


46 Original Joe’s Unicity

The Double Pork & Pesto – $16.00

Crispy homecut fries, Quebec curds, and caramelized onion gravy, Topped with slow roasted pork, chorizo sausage crumble, herb roasted tomato, & basil pesto aioli.


47 Tommy’s Pizzeria

The Funion Poutine – $15.00

Our house fries topped with a gruyére, Swiss, Asiago, mozzarella blend. Smothered in a French onion au jus gravy. Finished with melted Swiss, crispy fried onions & a cheese crisp.


48 White Star Diner

Salisbury Steak Poutine – $16.95

This is a true diner poutine! Our incredible White Star fries are topped with a grilled hand made burger patty, red wine sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and rich beef gravy. and shredded mozzarella cheese. It’s all topped off with buttered peas and carrots. What’s not to love about real diner food!


49 LOCAL Public Eatery

Black Truffle Braised Beef Poutine – $16.00

Savoury and gooey with black truffle gravy, tender braised beef and Bothwell cheese curds


50 Loaded Pierogi

The Queso-Rizo Poutine – $15.99

A La Poutine Week special offer! Seasoned French fries covered in queso cheese sauce and topped with chopped chorizo sausage, shredded habanero cheddar, caramelized onions, crispy jalapenos, and green onions.


51 Original Joe’s St. Vital

Cloudy With A Chance Of Poutine – $15.00

Our spin on a classic Italian sandwich. Four delicious meatballs cooked in a homemade marinara sauce, poured over a plate of our famous home-cut fries, provolone and cheese curds. Topped with a dollop of sour-cream and garnished with red and green onions.


52 Chicken Chef

Poutine Italiano – $12.00

Our delicious fries topped with locally made chorizo sausage, our signature recipe chicken, freshly shredded mozzarella cheese, a rich and creamy alfredo sauce then garnished with diced tomato, green onion and our zesty pizza sauce.


53 Elephant and Castle

The Afterlife of the Party – $16.00

Guaranteed to bring you back to life after a big night. The Afterlife of the Party features seasoned beef, caramelized peppers, onions, and jalapeños in a rich and spicy beef jus. Heaped on top of our fan-favourite seasoned thick cut fries with more cheese curds than is strictly necessary to call it a poutine. We finish’er off with a drizzle of spiced yogurt and some fresh green onions. Enjoy with 1$ off Kilter Draft!


54 Al Basha Middle Eastern

Peasants Rebellion – $19.99

This monstrosity of a poutine has four layers of goodness- layer one: Store cut french fries mixed with our secret garlic sauce layer two: Mozzarella cheese, cheese curds, homemade poutine sauce Layer three: Deep fried pita, deep fried onion, jalepano, sesame seeds and black seeds Layer four: Tabbouleh salad. Choice of protein: Chicken shawarma, donair, or falafel.


55 Brazen Hall Fort Rouge

Risky Boeuf-Ness – $13.95

We have created a poutine that will arouse your taste buds with bold and risky flavours. Take our classic fries 2 ways,braised beef,rich portobello mushroom,cognac gravy,classic curds and then we Brazenize it with a banana pepper chutney, fresh sliced Jalapeno and radish with a Rose Petal Syrup – sweet, spicy and sexy! Try it ! Love it ! Come back for it ! Be Brazen Available in a large portion for $19.95.


56 State & Main

Buffalo Chicken Poutine – $15.00

Crispy steak cut fries & cheese curds smothered in house made Buffalo Gravy. Finished with hand breaded popcorn chicken bites, buttermilk blue cheese drizzle and green onions.


57 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Kenaston

Mac Daddy Poutine – $15.99

Fries topped with mac & cheese bites, diced chicken fingers, three cheese blend & gravy. Drizzled with buffalo ranch sauce then garnished with deep-fried jalapenos & green onions.


58 529 Wellington Crescent Steak House

Foie Gras Poutine Pave’ – $38.00

Foie gras layered on duck fat confit potato pave’, topped with whipped goat cheese cream, cured egg yolk, orange gastrique, and rosemary prosciutto crisps


59 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Henderson

Not Your Baba’s Pierogi Poutine – $10.99

Deep-fried pierogies topped with farmer sausage, cheese curds, three cheese blend, caramelized onions & gravy. Garnished with sour cream & green onions


60 Fionn MacCool’s Crossroads

Fionn’s Poutine Pizza Platter – $15.00

A combination of waffle fries, sweet potato fries, and regular fries topped with mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese curds, gravy, green onion and served with a side of pizza sauce. To make it Vegan, sub in vegan pepperoni, vegan gravy, and vegan mozzeralla


61 Bar Italia

Mini Meatball Parm Poutine – $15.00

Crispy Fries Tossed with Grated Mozzarella, Topped with Bothwell Cheese Curds & House-made Mini Meatballs. Smothered in Our Zesty Marinara Sauce & Finished with Shaved Parmigiana and Fresh Basil.


62 Saffrons

The Beerbacoa – $15.00

Homemade french fries with mozzarella, beef gravy, braised barbacoa beef, 1919 beer and cheddar sauce then finished with pico de gallo.


63 The Osborne Taphouse

Osaka Kare Poutine – $13.00

Fresh cut fries cooked to perfection, cheese curds, rich gravy, topped with sirloin steak, carrot, onion, Japanese curry sauce, garnished with green onions.


64 Four Points By Sheraton Winnipeg South

Monster Bacon Poutine

Extra crisp fries topped with our demi glazed base brown gravy, then comes the o so gooey cheese curds, topped with house chorizo sausage, double smoked bacon, shaved green onion, fried onion tanglers, mayonnaise and dragon ranch


65 Cibo Waterfront Cafe

Beef Bourguignon Poutine – $18.00

French Beef Stew | Cheese Curd | White Wine Mushrooms | Charred Onion Dijonnaise | House Cut Fries | Crispy Pancetta | Balsamic Reduction | Chives


66 Park Alleys

Diabolically Decadent Poutine – $12.00

We’ve teamed up with our neighbours, Dastardly Villain Brewing Company to make a Diabolically Decadent Poutine. Home cut fries, Bothwell cheese curds and we used Dastardly’s Brown Ale as the base to make our ale & onion gravy.


67 The Culinary Exchange at RRC Polytech’s Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

East Meets West Poutine – $8.50

House fries topped with Bothwell curds, provolone, gravy, Gochujang sauce glazed popcorn chicken, kimchi style slaw and wasabi sesame seeds. **Only available Tuesday through Friday; 11:00am to 12:30pm**


68 Boogies Diner And Sport’s Lounge

A Taste Of Montreal – $10.49

Homemade fries topped with real cheese curds, shredded mozzarella, beef gravy, and Montreal Smoked meat.


69 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Regent

Kicken Chicken Poutine – $15.99

Fries topped with cheese curds, diced tomato, bacon, green onions, Nashville hot chicken & gravy. Drizzled with our super secret spicy mayo!


70 Bulldog Pizza

Nacho Poutine – $9.99

Home Chipped fries, Mozza Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Gravy, Taco Beef, Onions, Green Pepper, Jalapeno with Sour Cream on the side.


71 Roblin Grill

Brisket Poutine MIX – $14.00

Golden fries topped with loads of cheesy curds, gravy, 10 hour cooked brisket and our house BBQ sauce


72 Bodegoes

Prairie Poutine – $6.95

Made-in-Manitoba gravy using the finest local ingredients. The prairie poutine is made with Bothwell cheese, flour from prairie flour mills, and butter from Notre Dame creamery. This simple yet delicious Poutine is sure to make do our Quebec friends justice.


73 Leopold’s Tavern Bridgwater

Chicken And Waffle Fries – $18.50

Crispy fried chicken served on golden waffle cut fries, with gooey cheese curds and rich beef gravy. Topped with smokey ancho pepper and honey.


74 YiaYia – Your Favourite Greek

My Big Fat Greek Poutine – $14.00

Greek seasoned fries topped with Saputo mozzarella cheese, house gravy, ground lamb, diced tomatoes, red onions, Kalamata olives, feta, house tzatziki and fresh oregano


75 BROWNS Social House

The El Diablo Poutine – $17.95

The El Diablo Poutine, consists of our Hand Cut Double Cooked Fries, spices and house made Mole Gravy. The Poutine is topped off with squeaky Cheese Curds, caramelized Chipotle Pulled Pork, Black Beans and Roasted Corn. Then garnished with Pico De Gallo, Feta Cheese and Green Onions.


76 Red Top Drive Inn

Lot-O-Poutine – $11.50

Our most popular burger in poutine form! Homemade fries topped with our famous chilli sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, diced onions, mustard and mayo.


77 D-Jays Family Restaurant

Big Blue Buffalo – $18.95

Fresh yellow potatoes fried crispy, white cheddar cheese curds, chicken gravy, chicken tender bites deep fried and tossed in buffalo sauce, red onions, carrots, blue cheese aioli, deep fried jalapenos, blue cheese crumble and cheddar cheese.


78 Georges Burgers and Subs Express

The Bella Chow – $14.00

Italian Sausage, house made tomato meat sauce, grilled onions and red bell peppers, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. All on top of our home cut french fries!


79 Leopold’s Tavern Osborne

Oh Carolina! – $18.50

Inspired by smokehouse BBQ of the Carolina region. House cut fries, cheese curds, beef gravy topped with Carolina Style pulled pork, onion tanglers, garlic mayo, and ancho honey bbq sauce. Served with a side of Carolina Style vinegar.


80 Meal Set Bistro

You Had Me At Academy – $15.00

Dig into our signature braised, deep fried pork belly on a pile of spiced curly fries, cheddar curds, miso gravy and honey sriracha topped with a sunny side up egg! We finish it off with house blend spices, pickled onions, jalapeños, nori flakes, scallions and of course, a bacon skewer! See you on Academy!


81 Hat Tricks Sports Bar & Grill

Buffalo Chicken Poutine – $15.99

Fresh cut homemade fries with breaded or grilled chicken tossed in our house buffalo sauce topped with fresh jalapeño, Saputo cheese curds, then smothered in our house gravy and garnished with scallion!


82 The Greenview at Rossmere Country Club

Chick’s & Sticks – $16.00

Double fried Manitoba red potatoes, white cheddar cheese curds, grilled sweet corn, Rossmere beef gravy, finely diced dill pickle, house seasoned and breaded popcorn chicken, drizzle with smoky mesquite bbq sauce and homemade spicy sriracha buttermilk ranch, topped with crispy bbq potato sticks, garnished with scallions.


83 Smitty’s Westwood

Spicy Taco Poutine w/ Bacon – $13.99

Come enjoy our twist on a poutine style spicy taco bowl. Includes: Cadaver French fries, cheese curds, taco beef, bacon, green onion, banana peppers, tomato, drizzled with homemade gravy, all within a tortilla bowl and comes with a side of salsa and sour cream!


84 Seine River Cafe

Burrito-tine – $10.99

Lost in the bustle and hustle of Guadalajara, tucked away in its northeast corner , you, if you are lucky , will be astonished by the aromas filling the air. Your senses will be sent into overdrive as you reel from the conflagration of heavenly scents, mole and croissant, fresh baguette and adobo. No where else in the world do these things collide to create gastronomic nirvana . Only here in Guadalajara’s French Quarter. On a quiet street corner in a small stall to the left,( my left not yours ) you will find an elderly man who has been making burritos for 75 years. He along with his apprentice, who for the record , summers in Trois Rivières, created the greatest amalgamation of all time. The Burrito-tine!! Seasoned beef, French fries , Saputo cheese curds, cheddar cheese , tomatoes and onions , baked in a flour tortilla until just crisp. Then covered in more cheddar cheese , salsa and a tex-mex chipotle gravy ( just to keep it CUSMA compliant ) . This is Guadalajara/québécois at its finest from the heart of St. Boniface. Go Chivas


85 The Merchant Kitchen

Curry Me Happy – $17.00

Curly fries, cheese curds, seared pork belly, caramelized onion, poblano, roasted sweet potato, scallion, dried currants, coconut curry sauce, miso honey crema, topped with a smile.


86 The Good Will Social Club/Khao

The Singaporean Chili Lobster – $20.00

Khao House and Lobster Bae present: House cut fries w/ a sweet and spicy lobster-chili-tomato sauce, vine ripe tomatoes, cheese curds, and herbs


87 4th Line Pub and Grill

The Drunken Cow – $14.95

Ground beef simmered in bourbon and barbecue sauce over top of Bothwell cheese curds, brown gravy and crispy fries. Finished with a drizzle of chipolte and garlic aioli and garnished with fresh green onion.


88 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Garden City

Southwest Benedict Poutine – $15.99

Fries topped with chorizo, three cheese blend, 2 poached eggs & hollandaise sauce. Garnished with green onions.


89 Park Cafe

Breakfast Poutine – $12.25

We’re serving up crispy sweet potato fries, with caramelized onions, two strips of bacon, our signature chicken gravy and topped with a sunny side up egg.


90 Original Joe’s Kenaston

Eat Me I’m Irish – $18.00

Our famous home cut fries with Quebec cheese curds melted with a guinness gravy. Topped with spicy sausage, caramelized onion, parsley, home made chipotle and green onion.


91 Tapp’s Neighbourhood Pub

Caribbean Beef Poutine – $14.50

Our house cut fries topped with rich beef gravy, tender roast beef sautéed in Caribbean jerk sauce, cheese curds, fresh pineapple chunks and our homemade ranch drizzled on top


92 Fionn’s Grant Park

Pickle Me Elmans – $16.00

Dill Pickle seasoned fries Cheese Curds Elmans Pickle Gravy Elman’s Dill Pickles Bread & Butter Pickles Pickles Jalapenos Pickled Banana Peppers Pickles onion


93 Peasant Cookery

Not Your Average Cup of Joe – $20.00

House Smoked Pastrami Brisket, Espresso BellaVitano Cheese, Saputo Mozzarella Cheese Curds, Café BBQ Sauce, Maple Sriracha mayo, Sweet Spiced Coffee Beans, Scallions and Espresso Salted Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries


94 St. James Burger & Chip Co.

The “Queso? If You Say So!” Poutine – $18.00

St. James Burger & Chip Co.’s famous hand-cut fries are coated in a delicious vegetarian gravy, and a rich, made-in-house queso sauce. Next we top ’em with crumbled queso fresco, freshly sliced jalapeños, deep fried corn tortillas, and a cheese crisp made from Bothwell’s Red Hot Chili Pepper Jack cheese. It’s sure to make you get verbal with delight! Built for two (but you don’t HAVE to split)


95 Wayback Burgers

Butter Chicken Tater Tot Poutine – $12.49

Crispy, golden brown tater tots smothered in cheese curds, creamy butter chicken sauce, and topped with fresh grilled chicken and green onions.


96 Uptown Alley

Pork Tocino Poutine – $11.98

Fresh hand cut fries, cooked to perfection, topped with cheese curds, Pork Tocino, 1 Egg


97 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge St. James

Touch of Texas Poutine – $16.99

Fries tossed in chipotle mango seasoning topped with cheese curds, honey bbq brisket & gravy. Garnished with green onions.


98 Smitty’s Restaurant – Pembina Grant

Jumbo Jet Dog Poutine – $15.00

Fresh, crispy French fries tossed in garlic butter, topped with sliced smokies, perogy pieces, bacon bits, carmalized onions, classic mozzarella cheese curds and finished off with drizzled queso cheese. A fun twist on a Winnipeg tradition!


99 Smokin Aces

The Al Pacheezo Poutine – $14.00

Slow roasted baby potato’s, Topped with Bothwell cheese curds and baked to perfection.. 1/4 pound of chuck beef (halal) seasoned then smashed then chopped with cheese on the grill, sautéed onions, homemade Aces Gravy, Aces Queso cheese sauce, all topped off with a handful of turkey bacon bits (halal) and crispy fried onions for that good ol’ crunch..


100 Smunchbox Cafe

The BreakfastBox Poutine – $14.99

Diced Crispy potato, crispy bacon, breakfast sausage, saputo cheese curds, pico de Gallo, green onion, 2 medium poached eggs topped with housemate hollandaise sauce and a dash of paprika.


101 Roo’s

Belly of the Beast – $15.95

House-cut fries, cheese curds, crispy balsamic marinated pork belly, tomato, onion, parsley, topped with dijon cheese sauce, and Sookram’s Star Beast Imperial Stout beer gravy.


102 Georges Burgers and Subs

Greek Marinara Poutine – $12.00

Homemade fries and homemade marinara sauce, feta, grilled red onions, sprinkled cheddar cheese and tzatziki drizzle!


103 Santa Lucia Pizza (North Main)

Chicken Alfredo Poutine – $15.95

House cut fries topped with chicken breast, mozzarella and smothered in Alfredo sauce with Parmesan on top to finish it off.


104 Bistro on Notre Dame

Middle Province – $23.00

Flash fried, braised manitoba reds. Baked with Barn Hammer 66 IPA béchamel, Bothwell curds, red wine cheddar and truffle jack cheeses. Smothered and topped with house made bison gravy, Iron Head bison chorizo, blackened New Iceland jack and Manitoba berries BBQ sauce.


105 Underdogs

Cheez Michael Michaels – $15.95

No one knows what it means! But it’s provocative. It gets the people going! Bothwell Cheddar, Squeeky Curds, Tomato Bacon Jam, Crispy Fries and homemade gravy all inside a cheese crusted grilled cheese. Mind-bottling, isn’t it?


106 Charlee’s Restaurant & Lounge

The Carne Norte Poutine – $16.00

Double fried, handcut fries, and a blend of cheddar cheese and cheese curds is topped with a Spanish style corned beef brisket, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and picked veg.


107 Sargent Taco Shop

Putin Ranchero – $13.00

Fries, home-made gravy, cheese curds, our mexican chorizo, grilled ribeye strips, “Salchicha ranchera” (smoky sausage), bacon bits, cream, chipotle sauce, Mex. cheese, grilled jalapenos- corn -onions, Mexican salsa (spicy sauce) on the side.

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