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‘Snow’ Route Parking Bans Will Be Replaced with ‘Winter’ Route Parking Bans

The city will introduce a new Annual Winter Route Parking Ban this year that replaces the Annual Snow Route Parking Ban.

The previous Annual Snow Route Parking Ban didn’t take account for winter conditions that set in before December and after February. The new Annual Winter Route Parking Ban will hopefully fill those gaps.

Start and End Dates

The Annual Winter Route Parking Ban does not have a set start and end date. Instead, it depends on weather conditions and forecast. It will now go into effect on or at any time after November 1. The city will provide seven days notice before the annual ban is put into place.

Example: If the annual ban will begin on November 1, the city will declare the ban on October 24.

The annual ban will be lifted in spring when it is no longer needed. If we have a longer winter than expected, it can remain in place until the end of April. Previously, it was automatically lifted at the end of February.

Street Signage

Snow Route signs are in the process of being changed to read Winter Route. All routes that were previously designated a “Snow Route” will now be called a “Winter Route”.

It’s expected to take several months to get to update each sign. If you encounter either sign, they mean the same thing (Winter Route)

No Parking Times

What will remain the same are the hours the Annual Winter Route Parking Ban is in effect for. Once declared, you cannot park on Winter Routes between 2:00am and 7:00am.

This helps ensure critical routes can be cleared and treated for ice control quickly and efficiently for emergency vehicles to safely navigate throughout the city.

If your vehicle is parked overnight on designated Winter Routes, you may receive a ticket and tow.

During a heavy snow storm, the city may declare an Extended Winter Route Parking Ban which will restrict parking on Winter Routes at midnight instead of 2:00am.

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