Home Food PHOTOS: La Poutine Week Winnipeg 2023 Participants

PHOTOS: La Poutine Week Winnipeg 2023 Participants

La Poutine Week will run from February 1 - 14, 2023.

Here are all the poutine photos from the 2023 Le Poutine Week Winnipeg participants!

La Poutine Week will run from February 1 – 14, 2023.



Fire Fu-Cheese Fries – $14.99

Spicy Shredded Pork Chasu, Fire Cheese Sauce, Sautéed Garlic Butter Corn, Toasted Seaweed, Scallion Oil

2 Tavern United Garden City

Crispy Chicken Poutine – $19.99

TU’s famous English Cut Chips, “Squeaky Cheese” curds, golden fried boneless chicken wings topped with a rich fresh thyme peppercorn chicken gravy.


3 Mary Brown’s Chicken


Our famous Taters made from manitoba potatoes topped with delicious gravy, Canadian cheese curds, and our 100% white meat Chicken Pop-Ins.


4 Four Crowns Restaurant

Mac Daddy – $20.95

YO! Check it: Two spears of Wu-Tang-worthy, thicc, sweet candied bacon stabbed into a dope-ass layer of homemade skinny fries with that cheesy drip from our homemade Daddy-Mac mac and cheese, topped with a scoop of ground beef and a fo shizzle-my-drizzle of Sriracha sauce!
Word! And you wanna know whats up? $1 from each one goes to buying beds for kids who don’t have beds in Peg city! We work with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to help ensure our local kids are getting a decent sleep!


5 Smitty’s Restaurant Garden City

Nothin’ Butt-er Chicken Poutine – $13.99

There’s nothin’ butt-er than this poutine! Let your mind escape Winterpeg while you munch on this poutine! Fries topped with cheese curds, shredded chicken
& butter chicken sauce. Topped with green chilies & crispy chickpeas and drizzled with sour cream.


6 Georges Burgers McPhillips

Pougrette – $15.99

Our hand made golden crispy fries, gravy, home made vinagrette, lots of cheese curds and sliced smoke sausage


7 Wayback Burgers

Cheesesteak Poutine – $12.99

Crisp French fries, topped with philly steak, sauteed onions and mushrooms, cheddar jack cheese blend, all smothered in gravy and finished off with a drizzle of ranch dressing and green onions.


8 Georges on Main

Smoked Sausage Poutine – $15.99

Our golden, home made, crispy and delicious fries with cheese curds, gravy, generous slices of smoked sausage, sour cream, black vinegar and green onions! try it out!


9 Santa Lucia Pizza

Pastitsio Poutine – $18.99

A unique twist on the traditional Greek dish, Pastitsio! House cut French fries with layers of specially seasoned ground beef and house-made béchamel sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, cheese curds and a decadent French onion gravy with fresh green onions sprinkled on top.


10 Garbonzo’s Sports Pub HSC

Chorizo Poutine – $18.99

TU’s famous English Cut Chips, “Squeaky Cheese” curds, blended cheese, Buffalo gravy, red onion, mushroom and chorizo sausage.


11 Golden Boy Bistro

Crispy Butter Chicken Poutine – $13.99

Crispy Fries topped with Cheese Curds, 2 Crispy Chicken Tenders and Butter Chicken Sauce, garnished with Sour Cream, Crispy Caramalized Onions and Cilantro. (Spicy option on request).


12 Bistro on Notre Dame

Lake + Steak – $24.00

Iron head Montreal Smoked Bison Brisket, oaked rye peppercorn sauce, walleye, beurre rose, Bothwell cheese curds smothered in house batch turkey and bison gravy


13 The Grill at HSC

Swicy Korean Chicken Poutine – $10.99

Fresh cut fries and white cheddar cheese curds topped with popcorn chicken smothered with a sweet and spicy (swicy) Korean BBQ sauce, garnished with kimchi and green onions and drizzled with sour cream


14 Chop Steakhouse & Bar

We be Jammin’ Jerk Chicken Poutine. – $16.00

Smoked Jerk Chicken, Crispy Fries, Fried Plantain, Crispy Chicken Skin, Coconut Crema


15 Smitty’s Restaurant St. James

The Large Smit – $16.99

More than just another poutine. 1 all beef patty, our
own special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles. Not on a sesame seed bun….but on fries! The large Smitt..remind you of anything?


16 Prairie’s Edge

Prairie’s Edge poutine – $18.00

Homemade fries, shredded cheese, Mango corn salsa, rich cheese sauce, topped with cilantro, Lime crema, crispy Tortilla strips.


17 Crspy Bnch

Shawarma’y Love – $16.99

Shawarmay’ Love Poutine starts with Chicken Shawarma that is deliciously seasoned in our Crspybnch secret spices, Crispy Fries, Fresh veggies, Shredded Cheese & Hot Gravy. Then drizzles of our in-house Garlic Sauce and added along with Hot Sauce to add some heat and finished off with crumbles of fried chicken skin.


18 Garbonzo’s Sport Pub Polo Park

10’ Loaded Poutine Pizza – $18.99

Garbonzo’s made fresh everyday pizza crust, fries smothered in gravy, blended cheese, drizzled with sour cream, topped with green onion, bacon bits and shredded cheddar.


19 Tavern United Polo Park

Cheeseburger Skins Poutine – $17.99

Smashed burger ground beef, mustard, ketchup, sautéed onions, Elman’s dill pickles, aged American Cheddar cheese in fried potato skins, topped with shredded lettuce diced tomato mayo mix, drizzled with gravy.


20 BROWNS Socialhouse

The Big Country Chicken Poutine – $17.95

Our hand breaded southern fried chicken bites are layered with fresh cut fries, squeaky cheese curds and topped off with Alabama BBQ sauce, our homestyle gravy, spices and green onions.



Coconut Fries – $14.99

Get Ready for a Tropical Punch! Tender Braised Beef, Sweet Mango Sauce, Rich Coconut Milk, Toasted Shredded Coconut, Red Onions & Cilantro


22 Peasant Cookery

Into Mushroom Madness – $19.00

We jumped in head first to our mad love of mushrooms!
Summer preserved local Chanterelle bacon gravy, powdered field mushroom and malt vinegar salt, truffle infused Oka Raclette cheese, Porcini truffle aioli, cheese curds, Lattice fries and fine herbs.


23 Smokin aces


A nest of Homemade salt n pepper julienne cut baked frites, bothwell cheese curds, signature smokin gravy, buffalo chicken bites (halal), crispy fried onions, chicken bacon bits (halal) and a runny boiled egg topped with a house honey chipotle


24 Preservation Hall Eatery + Wine Bar

Chorizo & Pork Belly Poutine – $22.00

Featuring our house-cut fries, Bothwell cheese curds, pork and house-made chorizo gravy, fried pork belly, romesco, garlic aioli, sliced scallions. Please note that romesco is like a red pepper pesto and contains almonds. Please let your server know if you have a nut allergy and we will prepare it without.


25 James Ave. Pumphouse Food

Beef Stroganoff Poutine – $18.00

Kapow stroganoff gravy, seasoned ground beef, caramelized onion, cheese curd mix ,topped with sour cream, chives and smoked paprika all on snow cheese crinkle cut fries.


26 Cibo Waterfront

Lager Than Life – $17.00

House cut fries, cheese curds, lager cheese sauce, ranchero sauce, beef chorizo, pico de gallo.


27 Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

Poutine a la Brazil – $19.00

This dish is the coming together of 2 culture’s signature and renowned dishes, the Brazilian Feijoida and of course the Canadian poutine.
We start with a combination of traditional French fries and Macaxeira ( Cassava root French fries) and then top it with black beans. Pork. Beef, fresh cheese curds, bacon. our house made gravy and the final touch is a taste of faroda and orange vinaigrette, Truly magnifico!


28 Resto 12

Teriyaki Gyukatsu Poutine – $20.99

Fries, teriyaki beef brisket, sriracha mayo, nori, pickled red onion, fried green onion, cheese curds and Tobiko, garnished with bonito flakes.


29 Lobster Bae

Lobster Breakfast Poutine – $28.00

A luxurious way to brunch: crispy tater tots with cheese curds, a poached egg, east coast lobster claws and a rich hollandaise to tie it all in.


30 T-Town Style Pizza

Supreme Pizza Poutine – $14.99

Sautéed green peppers,Mushrooms, Onions and pepperoni, simmered in our house made pizza sauce, topped with bacon over a bed of fries and cheese.


31 Moxies Polo Park

“Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice”! – $13.00

This year for Poutine Week we came up with a delightful Poutine bowl. We toss the French fries in our signature house made sweet and spicy sauce then combined with cheese curds, mixed cheese on top with green onions, bacon bits and sour cream drizzle. The combination of these ingredients will constantly keep you going in for more and more! – We now Present to you our “Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice”!


32 Jeffrey’s Restaurant

La Paul Reuben Poutine – $17.00

Our famous, classic Reuben served on our spicy spiral curly fries. Topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, corned beef, and drizzled with Thousand Island dressing with a pickle wedge. Comes with a side of mustard if you’d like some extra zing.


33 Leopold’s Tavern Henderson

Big Mark’s Hot Honey Southern Fried Chicken Poutine – $19.50

Leo’s own hand breaded fried chicken, creamed corn, warm biscuit, all on top of our Leopold’s Traditional Poutine topped with spicy honey dill


34 LOCAL Public Eatery

Ms. Piggie’s Poutine – $18.00

Slow roasted pulled pork, aged smoked white cheddar cheese, a delectable brown pan gravy, bacon strip lardons, pickled red onions, pork cracking, and a bbq horseradish aioli overtop twice fried crispy yellow potatoes.


35 Tavern United Downtown

Slapshot Poutine – $20.99

This feature poutine is meant to give you a slap in the face!
TU’s famous English Cut Chips, “Squeaky Cheese” curds, fire roasted pepper gravy, kicked up garlic aioli and fried pepperoni, topped with fresh jalapeños.


36 One Great City Brewing Company

Just like umami used to make it – $18.00

House cut kennebec potatoes seasoned with kimchi cajun spice, gochujang braised chicken, cheese curds, spicy pickled onions, umami aioli and garnished with fresh scallions


37 Shark Club

Butter Chicken Poutine – $11.00

Crisp golden fries with Mozzarella & house-made butter chicken sauce


38 Yard Burger

The Escoffier – $18.00

Our house cut russet potatoes, beef demi-glace, fior di latte, feta, house bacon, fresh rosemary, maldon salt


39 St. James Burger & Chip Co.

High on the Hog Poutine – $18.00

A decadent mountain of goodness. Fresh, hand-cut chips that we toss in a special Szechuan spice blend and coat in shredded mozzarella. Then we douse it in a made-in-house creamy southern gravy with a corn medley, and fennel sausage. We finish it all off with a dash of crispy jalapeños. Heavens to Betsy it’s good!
A vegetarian option is available using our regular gravy.


40 Shooters Family Golf Centre & Restaurant

Greenskeeper’s Lunch – $17.00

House made Chorizo Chili topped with pico de gallo, cilantro lime crema all on a bed of fries & cheese curds.
This take on our best selling nacho poutine will warm your belly in the winter months, but have a refreshing finish with cilantro lime crema to have you reminiscing about sipping drinks on the golf course patio.


41 Bodegoes Cityplace

Cheesy Mac ‘n’ Bacon Poutine – $13.39

Indulge in this ultimate comfort food masterpiece, featuring a bed of crispy fries topped with creamy, deep-fried mac and cheese wedges, gooey cheese curds, and a rich gravy. The finishing touch is a sweet and salty bacon jam, adding a layer of smoky, salty flavour to every bite. This hearty poutine will satisfy all your cravings and leave you wanting more.


42 Elephant and Castle

Chicken Picks Poutine – $17.00

It’s a throwback track from an oldie, but a goodie menu item!
Our signature fries topped with soft cheese curds and a house made caramelized onion gravy. Topped with 3 beer battered chicken fingers, Sambal aioli and green onions.


43 Charlee’s Restaurant & Lounge

BC POUTINE – $17.99

Our poutine is an Asian style Braised Beef Brisket in a Coconut Curry Cream sauce.
A mix of hand cut sweet potato fries & yukon gold double fried fries, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, sliced beef brisket in an Asian Style coconut curry cream sauce. Garnished with fresh peas and infused with a chili mint oil.


44 Honu Poké Downtown

Hei Hei Poutine – $14.99

This is our take on Hawaiian-style poutine!
Tender chicken thigh breaded with buttery, soft panko deep fried to perfect golden crispiness and covered in sweet, creamy and savoury Japanese classic katsu sauce with tempura cheese curd to knock it out of the island! Order online at www.honupoke.ca for pick up and delivery. Available February 1st – February 11th.


45 La Roca

Macho Nacho Poutine – $13.00

Crispy battered fries, your choice of spicy baked beans or refried beans, Mexican corn, green & red pepper, pico de gallo, sliced jalapeño shredded cheese


46 Fusion Stop

Island Poutine – $16.00

A delicious spin on poutine. Island Poutine consists of crispy fried casava topped with chickpea curry, house made tamarind and aioli, cilantro and if you choose, either jerk pork or jerk chicken ($3.50 more for added meat)


47 The Churro Stop

Save room for S’More poutine – $15.95

You’ve tried a lot of poutine but make sure to “save room for s’more poutine”. The Churro Stop bring our famous hand made churros and tosses them in sugar and graham cracker crumbs. We then drizzle these with dulce de leche, chocolate ganache and torched marshmallows. A taste of summer during our long winter. Let this dish take you back to late night sunsets, camping, back yard bonfires and visiting our food truck for tasty authentic hand made churros.


48 Shorty’s Pizza

Poutine Pizza – $30.50

Seasoned Marinara, Fingerling Potatoes, Cheese Curds, Shredded Mozzarella, Fior Di Latte, Onions


49 Roo’s

It Was an Occult Smash – $17.95

This poutine twist on Roo’s Smash Burger will send shivers down your spine.
“It Was an Occult Smash” features house-cut, crispy french fries, pickles, tomatoes, bacon, ground beef, fried and green onions, cheese curds, and queso sauce. This spooky poutine is topped with delicious Sookram’s Occult Classic Dark Lager beer gravy which will send your senses over the edge. Enjoy…if you dare.


50 Pregame Sports Bar & Lounge

Powerplay Poutine – $16.99

Our Powerplay Poutine Is a combination of all the goods. Regular and Sweet Potato fries, Manitoba pulled pork, Bothwell cheese, jalapenos topped with beef gravy and taco chips to give it the game winning crunch.


51 SMITH Restaurant

Des Joues For You – $22.00

Braised veal cheek, horseradish aioli, pickled relish, cheese curds, crispy fried onions


52 Wienerpeg

Pulled Pork Poutine – $14.50

Applewood house smoked Manitoba pork, house made gravy, homemade Manitoba grown Ranger Russet fries, Alabama white BBQ sauce, pickled and green onions


53 Smitty’s Restaurant Henderson

It’s Always Spicy In Philadelphia – $16.99

Fresher than Fresh Prince, cooler than “The Gang” and better than a cheesesteak. Fries tossed in cajun & electric ghost pepper seasoning with shredded cheese,
BBQ roast beef, onions & green peppers, topped with gravy & a sprinkle of green onion.


54 Meal Set Bistro

Country Grammar – $22.00

It’s going down down Winnipeg! Head over to Meal Set Bistro to try out our Country Grammar — seafood boil on a poutine!
Our layered goodness is topped with cajun garlic buttered crawfish, shrimp, mussels, corn & chorizo. Mixed in with bothwell cheese curds, hot sh!t country lobster gravy & cajun spiced curly fries. To light it up, we finished it off with truffle oil.


55 Leopolds Tavern Academy

The Uncouth Joseph – $19.50

The Uncouth Joseph
Leopolds on Academys take on a sloppy Joe. House fries and tater tots tossed in smoked Applewood seasoning. Cheese curds, gravy, hearty sloppy joe mix, and cheese blend. Served with a fresh house made tomatillo-jalapeño hot sauce from Intergalactic sauces. Gluten friendly. Available as plant based.


56 Leopolds Tavern

Chipollo Lima – $19.50

Housemade Fries, Cheese Curds, Popcorn Chicken, Beef Gravy, Pico, Chipotle Mayo. Garnished with Green Onions, Parsley, and a Lime Wedge


57 Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Potato Po-Thai-to Poutine – $14.99

Our entry into this years “La Poutine Week” features straight cut french fries, sweet onions, a blend of Manitoba’s Bothwell Cheese curds and mozzarella for great cheese pulls, a variation of our signature Massaman curry “gravy” and satay marinated chicken topped with scallions, add our chili oil for a super spicy kick to heat things up.
Your purchase also helps give back to the community supporting the United Way to support Winnipeg children keeping them fuelled with with breakfasts, healthy snacks, and cooking programs.



RibEye RoYale – $19.99

Roast Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pudding, Cavendish French Fries, Saputo Cheese Curds topped with our cabernet peppercorn bistro gravy and horseradish aioli.


59 Park Café

The Rhino – $14.99

Crisp fried Kennebec Potatoes smothered in chicken gravy and bothwell cheese curds garnished with house pickled red Onions and Jalapenos, Spicy Breaded Chicken breast achiote crème fraiche and jalapeno lemon tajin dusted Shoe string potatoes.


60 Tommy’s Pizzeria

Pizza Poutine – $20.00

This years poutine week entry features our crispy golden french fries, topped with Galbani mozzarella cheese, spicy marinara sauce, Calabrese chillies, aged cheddar, Rosa grande Hormel pepperoni, and finished with Romano and whipped ricotta. Almost sounds like a Tommy’s pizza


61 Bernstein’s Deli

Vegan Poutined Popcorn Chick’n Latkes – $14.00

All Vegan! Our famous potato latkes made with Just Egg topped with crispy sweet soy glazed sesame naked popcorn chick’n, cheeze shreds and gravy garnished with green onion


62 Olympia Diner

“Kotopoulo Alfrento” Chicken Alfredo – $13.95

Grilled Chicken Tenders Served over House Cut Fries Topped with Cheese Curds, Alfredo Sauce, Bacon and Parmesan Cheese.


63 Chateau Lanes

The King Pin Cheeseburger Poutine – $14.99

The One, The Only, The King Pin Cheeseburger Poutine! Check out our loaded poutine with skin on fries, a cheddar/mozzarella blend cheese and gravy. Topped with sautéed onions, crispy bacon and a smash burger lathered in BBQ sauce. Finished with diced pickles and our signature special sauce. Garnish with a fried onion ring, pickle spear and jalapeno popper.


64 Bluestone Cottage Bakery Café

The Steak Frites Italiano – $25.00

frites topped with a sliced thin 5oz striploin steak, garlic butter, beef jus, blistered tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, salsa verde


65 Alena Rustic Italian

Yukon Gold Potato Rosemary Poutine Pizza – $18.00

Wood Fired Pizza with olive oil, garlic cream, rosemary scented sliced potato, Canadian cheese curds


66 Magic Sushi Restaurant

B.T.S Poutine – $14.99

Bulgogi beef, Teriyaki, Sweet potato (yam) poutine!
This year we are introducing classic Magic Sushi style poutine! Korean bulgogi bbq, famous Magic Sushi hot teriyaki as gravy and sweet yam tempura as the base! Topped off with house-made spicy mayo, green onions, sesame seed, roasted seaweed strips and katsuobushi flake for the extra umami flavour all of this is beautifully balanced with tempura cheese curds…! Order online by visiting www.magicsushi.net for pick up and delivery. Poutine is available from February 1st to February 11th, 2023.


67 Smitty’s Westwood

Westwood Pizza Poutine – $14.99

Enjoy our Westwood Pizza Poutine with sliced pepperoni, crispy bacon strips and homemade gravy. Topped with green onion, diced tomato’s and mozza!!!


68 Original Joe’s Kenaston

The Routine – $0.00

Coming soon to a mouth near you; The Routine. Topping our homecut fries is our sweet and spicy house made gravy. We added some flare with a dash of hot sauce, honey garlic, sauteed mushrooms, onions, classic Quebec curds and of course roast beef! To finish it off we’ll drizzle srirracha aoili and horserdish mayo on top with a sprinkle of green onion. Our premium roast beef poutine will have your mouth watering.


69 D-Jay’s Restaurant

Curds of Paradise – $17.95

Skin on russet fries, mozzarella curds, a tasty poutine gravy, a 6oz. Certified Angus Beef burger patty char broiled then sliced and presented like flower petals, a zesty deep-fried pickle at the center of this beauty, crispy fried onions, tomato chunks, smoked gouda cheese and a Southwest honey mustard Aioli.


70 Fionn’s Grant Park

Corned Beef & Cabbie Poutine – $18.00

Pub fries, cheese curds, thick cut corned beef, pub-braised red cabbage, beer-braised sweet onion gravy topped with a drizzle of beer mustard aoli.


71 Junction 59 Roadhouse

The Dirty Bird – $22.00

Junction 59 hand cut fries pilled with Curds, Nacho Cheeses and Brown Gravey. Mounded with Mashed Potatoes, Country Gravey and Corn Niblets. Topped with Italian Herbed Golden Fried Chicken Bites.


72 The Oakwood

Tourtière-tastic – $17.00

A French Canadian classic that’s taken a twist with slow cooked beef brisket, pulled pork rubbed with traditional tourtière seasonings, gluten free beef gravy, sautéed onions, cheese curds over hand cut fries with crumbled puffed pastry pieces for good measure.


73 Leopold’s Tavern South Osborne

Baba’s Dinner – $19.50

Fries, curds, gravy, perogies, kovbasa(garlic coil), slow cooked pork, roasted garlic oil, caramelized onion-sour cream drizzle, green onions


74 Brazen Hall Kitchen

Our Prickly Dill-emma – $17.00

Our fresh daily house punched fries, diced pickles and chives, and our original Brazen candied bacon bits for a little peppery sweet….layered with cheese curds melted in our crafted chipotle hollandaise gravy, topped with chili lime aioli, & jacked up honey dill sauce & Cajun tempura battered frickles! Decadence !!
WARNING – Addictive favors in every bite #BeBrazen


75 Fionn MacCool’s Crossroads

Cod Bite Poutine – $17.00

Fries, Cheese curds, battered cod bites tossed in lemon pepper seasoning, gravy, signature Dungloe tartar sauce, topped with a dollop of creamy coleslaw.
Our famous, best selling dish, in poutine form.


76 Park Alleys

Spicy Chicken Poutine – $15.50

House cut French fries cooked to perfection with Quebec cheese curds covered in gravy with crispy jalapeños, crispy banana peppers, and crispy buffalo chicken. Drizzled with habanero aioli topped with green onions


77 State & Main Kildonan

The Big Bang Bang Theory – $15.00

Crisp steak cut french fries, smothered in gravy topped with tempura battered cheese curds. Finished with an Unagi & Sriracha aioli drizzle. Topped with spicy togorashi seasoning and green onions.


78 The Riverside

French Onion Gnocchi – $14.95

An untraditional gnocchi base with a rich French onion gravy topped with melted Swiss and Parmesan cheese, drizzled Sriracha and garnished with green onion


79 Rae’s Bistro

Just Poutine It Out There – $19.00

1 lb. of cajun crispy skinny fries, panko breaded 15 spice buttermilk marinated chicken, candied jalapeno, roasted red pepper, Bothwell mozzarella, aged white cheddar and classic cheese curds, all smothered in alfredo demi glace, finished with creamy maple bacon ranch and green onion.


80 Original Joe’s Unicity

The Pot Pie Poutine – $16.00

Crispy homecut fries, Quebec curds, gravy. Topped with our homestyle chicken pot pie filling & crispy fried tortilla strips.


81 Hat Tricks Sports Bar & Grill

Chili con Carne Queso – $18.99

Homemade twice cooked fries smothered in our tasty housemade Chili con Carné and melted housemade queso sauce then drizzled with sour cream and topped with crispy onions then garnished with fresh cilantro.


82 Smitty’s Restaurant Regent

LO(T)W Down & Dirty – $13.99

Throw your New Year’s resolutions out the window for
this one. Fries tossed in chipotle mango seasoning topped with billionaire bacon, crispy ham, deep-fried cheese curds & LOTW Sultana Gold onion beer gravy.


83 Big Smoke Burger

Pulled Pork Poutine – $10.90

Our delicious Premium Pulled Pork Poutine is built with pulled pork, chipotle sauce, Smokey BBQ Sauce and green onions sprinkled on top!
We have two size options available, you can purchase a small for $7.60 and a large for $10.90! *Please note DD pricing may very*


84 Cho Ichi Ramen

Onomi Fries – $14.50

Crispy fries topped with tonkatsu sauce, roasted cheese, ground beef, gravy, fried onions, bonito flakes, and green onions


85 George’s Burgers Regent

The Popcorn Chicken Poutine – $15.99

Fried popcorn chicken, homemade beef gravy, mozzarella cheese curds and house cut fries !


86 Tavern United Windsor Park

MB Social Poutine – $18.99

Crispy kettle chips, blended cheese, mini perogies, kielbasa, creamy dill sauce, deep fried pickles topped with green onions.


87 IKEA Winnipeg Swedish Restaurant

Swedish Poutine – $8.99

Traditional large Poutine topped with meatballs!
Vegan or plant balls also available.


88 Leopold’s Tavern Transcona

Garlic Parm Mozza Stick – $19.50

Fries, beef gravy, cheese curds, mozzarella sticks, garlic parm sauce and finished with herb parmesan


89 Jonesy’s Restaurant + Lounge

Polski Poutine – $15.00

It’s all about the pickle!
Homemade fries with gravy, cheese curds, chopped Elmans dill pickles, fried pickle chips, dill pickle potato chips, creamy polski ogorki sauce and a fried pickle spear!


90 Tavern United Transcona

Bourbon Chipotle Chicken Poutine – $18.99

TU’s famous English Cut Chips, blended cheese, sliced chicken breast in a creamy bourbon chipotle sauce, topped with fresh jalapeño and chives.


91 Smitty’s Restaurant Kenaston

Heartburn So Good – $13.99

A wise man once said “Come onbaby, make it heart-burn so good”..or something like that. Fries tossed in Spice World’s electric ghost pepper seasoning topped with Chorizo queso, onions, bacon bits & deep-fried
jalapenos. Drizzled with buffalo ranch & sour cream. Antacids not included.


92 Moxies Kenaston

Santorini Poutini! – $20.00

Feeling the winter blues? Look no further for your quick Mediterranean escape! Travel to Greece with Moxies Kenaston as we present our take on a Greek style Poutine. Our seasoned and perfectly crispy fries are topped with a fire roasted pepper medley, tomatoes, olives, feta and fresh herbs. Dressed with an in-house made Tzatziki and balsamic reduction, accompanied by a rich red wine gravy and two marinated chicken skewers. We’ll have you yelling OPA! for our Santorini Poutini!


93 Tavern United Fort Garry

Fajita Poutine – $18.99

TU’s famous English Cut Chips, “Squeaky Cheese” curds, gravy, AAA Canadian beef strips, sautéed fajita mix consisting of a trio of sliced bell peppers and white onions, topped with green onion.


94 The Canadian Brewhouse

Ultimate Dessert Poutine – $12.99

Pillowy pockets of fluffy fried dough stuffed with hazelnut sauce, on a bed of our signature donut fries sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. On top we have a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce and finished off with some mini marshmallows and whipped cream!


95 Original Joe’s St. Vital

The Crispy Butter Chicken Poutine – $16.00

Crispy chicken tenders smothered in our house made butter chicken sauce with melted cheese curds on a bed of our famous home-cut fries. It is then finished with spicy yogurt, green and red onions, and cilantro. *chef’s kiss*


96 Wok Box

Buffalo Chicken Curly Fry Poutine – $16.48

Spring up your Poutine game with our Buffalo Chicken Curly Fry Poutine! Crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, topped with Canadian cheese curds, hot gravy, green onions, and a tangy ranch drizzle. An original, only found at Wok Box.


97 Big Guy’s Ranch & Saloon

Mexi Fries – $12.99

French fries topped with our own chili gravy, jalapenos, tomato, green onion, and cheddar cheese.
Add spicy beef for $2.99


98 Lamar Donair & Burgers

The Don Pollo Poutine – $15.99

This Poutine consists of our famous golden thick cut fries, topped with cheese curds, gravy, crispy chicken bites, covered with nacho cheese blend and drizzled with our chef special sauce. home-made hot sauce upon request.


99 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge- Meadowood

The South Of The Border Poutine – $15.99

Fresh crispy fries tossed in taco seasoning, with mozzarella cheese curds and gravy, then topped with in-house made spicy chorizo queso dip, crispy fried banana peppers, jalapenos, fresh pico de gallo and finished with a sour cream drizzle.


100 Diana’s Cucina and Lounge

Mighty Alrighty Poutinezza – $23.50

Seasoned French fries, Gravy,
Diced: Red Onions, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Green onions, Jalapeño, Strip bacon, Seasoned beef, Mozzarella, Cheddar, More gravy, on a Moosehead beer crust.


101 Leopold’s Tavern Bridgwater

The Carnie Poutine – $19.50

Fries, crinkle cut fries, mini corn dogs, cheese curds, beef gravy, candied bacon, onion tanglers, pico de gallo, nacho cheese sauce, hot dog sauce.


102 Block & Blade

The Southern Comfort – $20.00

Introducing Block’s breakfast poutine; The Southern Comfort.
Made with breakfast potatoes, our house-made gravy with sausage Manitoba cheese curds, fresh pico de gallo, bacon crumble, topped with our cajun hollandaise drizzle, green onions and a sunny-side-up egg.


103 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge- Pembina Grant

The Double Loaded Poutine – $14.99

Fresh crispy fries topped with mashed potatoes, mozzarella cheese curds, crispy bacon bits, green onions and savory sage infused turkey gravy. Double the potato, double the yum factor!


104 Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge- Pembina South

The Honey Dillicious Wing Poutine – $17.99

Fresh crispy fries, mozzarella cheese curds and gravy, topped with tender boneless chicken wings, finished off with a honey dill drizzle and green onions


105 Four Points By Sheraton Winnipeg South

Four Points Monster Bacon Poutine – $19.00

Crispy fries topped with those o so strechy cheese curds, rich brown gravy, double smoked bacon pieces, house made beef chorizo, hot Italian sausage, shaved green onion, garlic mayonnaise and house chipotle aioli.


106 St. Norbert Hotel


Crispy coated fries layered with pepperoni, bacon and Kinsley cheese curds. Drizzled with garlic roasted home made pizza sauce topped with gravy and shaved green onions


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