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Apple Introduces the Vision Pro

The era of spatial computing is here. Apple has revealed the Vision Pro, it’s take on the VR headset.

The Vision Pro is a standalone headset that wont have a dedicated controller. Instead, it relies entirely on voice inputs and hand/eye gestures using multiple external and internal sensors and cameras. A new feature called EyeSight uses a seamless curved display on the front of the headset so that people can see a user’s reactions while wearing the device.

It will also have the best optics that has ever been created for a VR headset. The Vision Pro uses a three-element lens with a 4K micro-OLED display for each eye. Those displays will deliver a total of 23 million pixels.

The headset will run on Apple’s visionOS, which uses a new R1 chip to process sensor data, and an M2 processor to run everything else.

The Vision Pro will go on sale early next year for $3,499 USD.

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