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New K-8 School in Sage Creek Breaks Ground

The Manitoba government has recently unveiled an ambitious plan to invest in the future of families and communities across the province. Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Wayne Ewasko and Consumer Protection and Government Services Minister James Teitsma jointly announced their commitment to construct over 1,700 infant and preschool child-care spaces, along with 645 school-aged child-care spaces.

The initiative is part of the province’s forward-thinking 23 New School Guarantee, which aims to create an improved learning environment for children while enhancing access to high-quality early learning programs. The government is already making significant strides in this direction with over 3,000 child-care spaces already in development and thousands more planned.

One of the exciting projects is the construction of child-care spaces within a new school in Winnipeg’s Sage Creek community, as part of the Louis Riel School Division. The much-anticipated school will address the increasing demand for educational facilities and is expected to positively impact students, families, and staff in the region.

Looking ahead, the Manitoba government has set its sights on constructing or acquiring a total of 23 new schools by 2027. While they initially committed to twenty schools in 2019, they added three more to the list in March 2023. As part of this expansion, child-care spaces will be integrated into new school construction plans, and additional spaces will be created during major renovations in existing schools.

The significance of this endeavor lies not only in meeting the growing needs of families and reducing transportation costs but also in nurturing vibrant and thriving communities. With better access to child care, parents will have increased opportunities to participate in the workforce while ensuring their children receive essential early learning experiences.

Sandy Nemeth, the board chair of the Louis Riel School Division, expressed her appreciation for the government’s support in addressing the division’s increasing enrolment challenges. This collaborative effort between the government and the education sector promises to shape a brighter future for the region’s educational landscape.

The Manitoba government’s commitment to expanding child-care spaces underscores its dedication to creating a promising future for families and children. By integrating child care into the heart of the 23 New School Guarantee, the government is striving to provide accessible and top-notch early learning programs for Manitoba’s young learners. This forward-looking initiative not only benefits families but also strengthens communities and sets the stage for a prosperous and thriving province.

For families seeking more information on early learning and child care in Manitoba, the official website of the province (www.manitoba.ca/childcare) serves as a valuable resource to stay updated on developments and opportunities.

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