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Receive a 60% Tuition Fee Rebate

With the Manitoba Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate, post-secondary graduates can get up to 60% of their tuition fees back from the government!

Who Are Eligible:

  • You graduated with a degree, diploma or certificate from a postsecondary institution recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency on or after January 1, 2007
  • You now work and pay taxes in Manitoba

It doesn’t matter if your post-secondary education took place in Manitoba or elsewhere. You can make your first claim on your 2007 income tax.

The maximum you can get back is $25,000. Here is a few examples of what you can get back.

Tuition Fee Rebate Table

I graduated Computer Programming at Red River in 2005!!! Looks like I was 2 years early from having and extra $4,302 in my pocket!!

For more information call 948-2115 or toll-free 1-800-782-0771.

Thanks the tip JP!


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