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Winnipeg’s Top 5 Places For Late Night Eats

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Its 2am, and you just had the greatest bar night of your life – the last thing you want to do is head home (unless you’re leaving with someone you didn’t go there with) The bass is still thumping in your head, your stomach feels queezy – its time for late night eats! But whats open? Here is Winnipeg’s top 5 places to go for late night eats! Click Read More to view this weeks Top Tuesdays.

5. Papa Georges
93 Osbourne St – Open Till 3am
Just south of downtown Winnipeg on Osbourne St. Papa Georges is a nicely laid out restaurant to do some late night munching on authentic Greek food.

4. McDonalds Drive-Thru
Look for the big yellow “M” – Most open 24 hours
Not looking to dine in? Some of you might be too exhausted to dine in but still feeling the post-bar munchies. McDonalds has various 24 hour locations around the city to avoid the hassle. And if its late enough, you can even have breakfast.

3. Jonny G’s
177 McDermot Ave – Open Till 4am
In the heart of the exchange, Johnny G’s is an excellent place for late night eats. Located next to some of Winnipeg’s greatest exchange bars such as Alive, the former Empire, and Desire. The specialize in some great italian pizzas and pastas.

2. Ken’s Restaurant
333 Ellice Ave – Open Till 3am
Ken’s Restaurant in my opinion has the greatest Chinese food in Winnipeg… even better, they’re open late! Located just down the street from Blush Ultra Club and the MTS Centre, its one of the best spots to check out after watching a hockey game, or a club night out. They have extremely friendly service as well and won’t kick you out when the clock strikes 3.

1. Tim Hortons
Various Locations – Open 24 hours
Nothing beats Tim Hortons after a long bar night of sweating and dancing. Sandwiches, Soup, and a Coffee are all your best friend from a heavy night of drinking. Tim Hortons also provides and excellent and quiet atmosphere to start the recovery process as the next morning approaches.

That’s my top 5 everyone. Don’t like it? Post some comments so we can consider it for next time!

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