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Accident At The Red River Ex

Red River Ex 2008 Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Yesterday evening at around 7:30 pm a young girl was seriously injured at the Red River Ex.

7 year old Phyllissa Scammell was literally thrown from the famous “Polar Express” ride. She sustained a serious head injury and was rushed to The Children’s Hospital. Thankfully the young girl survived the accident.

Witnesses say that the girl was pulled under the protective bar by the sheer gravity of the ride. The 2 boys who were riding with her at the time tried to grab her legs and arm but the force was too strong. All this while her aunt tried to get the attention of the workers operating the ride. Sadly the operators were chit-chatting and by the time the ride’s emergency button was pushed it was too late.

Exhibition spokesperson Amber Swedgan states that this is the first accident of it’s kind on the Polar Express. The ride has been operating for more than 30 years.

After the incident the ride was inspected by officials before it was deemed safe to re-open. Officials say that the ride has been and is inspected everyday and riders should take responsibility for reading safety instructions.

For more details of this accident visit The Winnipeg Sun.

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