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Winnipeg Artist Colours Spider-Man Comic with Obama

A Winnipeg artist is in the spotlight for his role in colouring a Spider-Man comic featuring U.S. President Barack Obama on the cover (Photoed on the right)

Chris Chuckry, 43, had no idea how big the comic was going to get when he was approached by Marvel. Comics America owner Joe Krolik says The Amazing Spider-Man issue #583 is extremely popular.

When the comic was first released in January, the first batch sold out in about 10 and a half minutes and lineups went down the block of the Academy Road comic book store.

In total, Marvel produced 5 variations of the cover, Chris coloured them all.

Where am I heading on the way home? Comics America to pick up this bad boy! I haven’t purchase a comic for years – but this one is definitely an exception.




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