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School Time Capsule Being Opened

The Ecole Golden Gate Middle School time capsule will be today.

If you’re not familiar with what a time capsule is, it’s a ‘capsule’ that is filled with pictures and letters from students and faculty members and then sealed and buried for 50 years.

Ecole Golden Gate Middle School created one in 1959 and it will be opened at 2pm today. The capsule was also opened in 1984 for the schools 25th anniversary and to add additional items.

Coincidentally, the opening coincides with the movie Knowing starring Nicolas Cage. The movie is based on a boy opening up a school time capsule that contained predictions of every major world disaster including 9/11.

I actually remember adding to one of these at my old elementary school (Meadows West).

UPDATE: It turns out I did make a time capsule back in 1998!

“Yes, you did create a Time Capsule in 1998. It contains various items such as popular magazines, books, newspaper, toys, trading cards a Grade 8 T-shirt with everyone’s names on it. It is safely stored in our school achieves to be taken out at our 25th Anniversary celebrations 2012 and then repacked to be stored safely until our next anniversary 50th 2037 !!!! You can bring your grand children to help celebrate.” – Principal R.G. Le Grand


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