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2014 Manitoba Marathon Results


Here are the results for the 2014 Manitoba Marathon, which is an official Boston Marathon qualifier. It took place on Sunday, June 15, 2014 on the University of Manitoba grounds.

Despite the nasty weather, over 12,000 came out to participate in the various Marathon events. Brian Walker of Winnipeg, MB won the Full Marathon with a time of 2:36:44.0.

For the Full Marathon, there were 579 participants, 391 men & 169 women with an average time of 4:16:21.78.

Full Marathon Results:

  1. Brian Walker Winnipeg, CAN
  2. Bradley Keefe Winnipeg, CAN
  3. Darren Klassen East St. Paul, CAN
  4. Jean-Paul Degagne Winnipeg, CAN
  5. Chris Orbanski Winnipeg, CAN
  6. Steven Bohrn Winnipeg, CAN
  7. Les Friesen Steinbach, CAN
  8. Tyler Chliboyko Grande Prairie, CAN
  9. Edgar Rosales Winnipeg, CAN
  10. Ken Zorniak Winnipeg, CAN

For the Half Marathon, there were 3127 participants, 1621 men & 1489 women with an average time of 2:10:44.7.

Half Marathon Results:

  1. Yussuf Abduselam Winnipeg, CAN
  2. Trevor Zimak Thunder Bay, CAN
  3. Dominique Aulagnon Thunder Bay, CAN
  4. Dan Way Toronto, CAN
  5. Daniel Heschuk Neepawa, CAN
  6. Adam Penner Winnipeg, CAN
  7. Nickolas Kosmenko Cranberry Portage, CAN
  8. Nathan Janzen Winnipeg, CAN
  9. Desire Budigoma Winnipeg, CAN
  10. Bob Beinke Winnipeg, CAN

For full results visit http://www.sportstats.ca/searchResults.xhtml?eventname=Manitoba%20Marathon.

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