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Report Winnipeg Potholes that Need to be Fixed Online

The weather is warming up, and pothole season is just around the corner. Did you know? You can now report Winnipeg potholes that need to be fixed using an online form!

The new method not only makes it convenient for citizens to report potholes, but also makes it easier for the city to track and prioritize repairs. Once submitted, the report is added to the city’s database, and a work order is generated. Locations with very large or deep potholes that pose an imminent safety concern are prioritized for immediate attention.

Potholes are a significant issue in Winnipeg, particularly during the winter and spring months. The city’s harsh climate causes road surfaces to contract and expand, leading to cracks and potholes. Potholes can cause damage to vehicles, pose a safety risk to road users, and create an unpleasant driving experience.

See a pothole? Visit the City of Winnipeg’s website to report it today!

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