Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 Bundle Pack! Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Now, i know there are like.. a hojillion of us who have Metal Gear Solid 4 already pre-ordered. I also know half of us don’t even own a PlayStation 3 yet. So when we hear about a brand new PlayStation 3 80 gig bundle for Metal Gear Solid 4… is this a good thing or bad thing? I’ll set the record straight by saying it’s fantastic. (for the half that don’t own a PS3 at least.) So call up whatever EBgames you pre-ordered from, be it Garden City or Polo Park, and change that to a pre-order for the bundle.

To match the launch of the actual game, the 80 gig PS3 bundle will include Metal Gear Solid 4, a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller and a “Starter Pack” for Metal Gear Online. All for the affordable price of $499.99 (USD). The bonus to having ordered this beforehand is being granted access to the April beta testing of Metal Gear Online.

June will be a fantastic month.. fantastic.