Winnipeg Police Officer Running Illegal Rooming House Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

So the story goes that a Winnipeg police officer was running a rooming house out of the Wolseley area, renting out more than the allowed amount of rooms. The legal limit as it stands is 7 rooms. A tenant claimed that at one point this home had 10 rooms rented out. His argument makes me wonder though. While he never charged more than 7 rooms out, he says there may have been more people actually living there that he didn’t end up charging. Does that really make it ok?

Wolseley Residents Association’s leader, Christine Bennet-Clark, made it a point that the regulation for the amount of rooms rented out is in place to protect the people living there and around the homes. Sounds like she wouldn’t have a problem if he was only renting out one room and letting 20 people living there. The fact that he’s a cop probably didn’t help either.