STI in my EYE Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

With SCN not making an appearance, World of Wheels is probably going to be the biggest Car Show to hit our city this year. Apparently this is going to be so big, it’s going to take up 2 floors at the Winnipeg Convention Center… which is crazy. While World of Wheels features mostly domestic, muscle and classic rides, some imports do make strong appearances. I posted that modified 08 STi in hopes that this year just might have something crazy for the boy racer in all of us.

If you’re going to a car show and not wanting to see cars, maybe you’d like to see wrestlers? Maybe cute 30 year olds who look like little boys? Rivera? World of Wheels appearances include our buddy Virgil from WCW/WWF, Kim Saigh from LA Ink and Jason Earls of Hannah Montana.

Check out the site ( head to a local Piston Ring for info and cheaper ticket prices. Big thanks to our buddy R2theC for the info!