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WARNING: This is not for the faint at heart but is confirmed working.

WHAT YOU NEED: A trust worthy friend in the USA.


  • Order the XBOX LIVE 12+1 MONTH KIT at It is currently on sale for $38.75 with FREE shipping!
  • Since BUY.COM only ships to the USA, set your shipping address to your trusty friend, and then pay with your regular Canadian Credit Card (Make sure your billing address is your Canadian Credit Card Address)
  • Use GOOGLE CHECK OUT to save and EXTRA $10
  • $38.75 – $10.00 = $28.75 (Approx $28.20 CAN)
  • Once your friend recieves the card, just get him to call or email the Activation Number to you, no need for him to send you the card as it is not needed.

This is confirmed working. American Cards work on Canadian consoles no problem.