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Quick!!! Turn off your kazaa and napster (Man! thats so 1990s)

Audiomaxx.com, which resides here in Winnipeg (Pembina) was popped by the RCMP today.

Audiomaxx is believed to be one of the largest suppliers of pirated DVDs and CDs in Canada. They were supposedly shipping out tens of thousands of dvds/cds a month!

Police state that they seized equipment that had the ability to produce over 11,000 discs a day. They also found over 100,000 cds and dvds with full printed labels on them. 30 percent of bootlegged dvds/cds found in Toronto are suspected to originate from this very store.

Before you hit your browsers, their site has already been taken down. But why would you want to go there anyways? Only AccessWinnipeg.com has the leak of Spiderman 5: The Movie!