world class airport Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Has anyone noticed the mass advertising for the new airport? If you haven’t, check out some of the ads here.

Who is paying for this stuff? Why do we need a mass amount of ads? It’s not like I have a CHOICE in the airports I can use.

Does ANYONE actually sit at home wishing that their airport was worldclass? I’ve done a lot of traveling, and quite honestly, I love our airport. I don’t have to show up more than 25 minutes before my flight, it’s a short walk from parking, it takes 15 minutes to get there and I never get lost in the mazes of ramps and terminals. I can’t stand walking for 30 minutes in heels lugging a carry on and a laptop just to get out of an airport.

How do you feel about the new airport? Fill me in if you know any of the motivation behind the ad campaign.