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Both Silver City Polo Park and St. Vital have an ongoing promotion called “Big Ticket Tuesdays”

On Tuesdays only – $8.95 gets you:

1 Regular or Child Admission
1 Regular Popcorn
1 Regular Fountain Drink

This is HUGE since $8.95 is usually the cost of the popcorn and drink alone!

This promotion has been going on for sometime now and is only available in Manitoba and Ottawa. I watched the movie “10,000 BC” yesterday and it ended up pretty good. One thing I learned from the experience, don’t trust everything critics say.

With it being spring break, I have never seen Silver City as packed as it was yesterday.

TIP: Use the BACK automated ticket purchase machines!!
When i walked in to the theater there were literally hundreds of people lined up at the front register and the front automatic ticket purchase machines. Many people forget that there are two automatic ticket purchase machines located at the back entrance. I simply maneuvered my way through the crowd and got my tickets right away.

What movies have you all seen lately or looking forward to seeing?