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Local EBgames have the Limited Edition packs for Metal Gear Solid 4 now in the system and available for pre-order. What we don’t have yet is information on the pre-order DVDs that are supposed to be given out at the time of the pre-order. Konami has confirmed that this promotion begins in April and all major North American retailers should be getting them within the 1st two weeks. Reports have popped up of some people getting the DVDs early, none of them are from Canada sadly.

The DVD is titled Metal Gear Saga 2.0 (a version 2 to the Metal Gear Saga DVD released with the pre-orders for MGS3: Subsistence way back when) and along with it… wait for it… a PSN code to download the Metal Gear Online Beta taking place on April 21st. Thanks for all your support through emails and Facebook PMs in regards to the MGS content. We’ll update you as soon as we get more info.

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