Melting Pot IV Originally uploaded by Crashworks

After years to talking about going to the place, I have finally made my way down to the newly renovated Melting Pot on Sherbrook and Broadway.

I’ve only had fondue once in my life, and accompanying me were three fondue n00bs. We opted for a $35 per person three course sampler, which you can only order with four or more people.

Food was ok, I don’t know how great you can make small pieces of beef, pork, chicken and shrimp. I would have preferred some veggies to go with the cheese fondue appetizer rather than only bread. Sauces came along with the meal, mostly spicy sauces, which didn’t float my boat. No garlic sauces!? Please, garlic goes with everything and anyone that matters likes garlic :P. Desert was the best part and the only part of the meal that almost made me satisfied with the fact i paid 35 bucks to cook my own food. Belgian dark chocolate and a white chocolate sauce with marshmallows and fruit. Yum.

I think everyone should make an effort to get down to the Melting Pot for the experience alone. It was a great time and the service was excellent, however the food was nothing to write home about. If I ever go back, it would only be for the desert. I can’t seem to find any information about the Winnipeg Melting Pot online, if anyone has a link, let me know.