KU a #1 seed! Originally uploaded by Rock Chalk Jayhawk Cartographer

March Madness has ended – The NCAA Basketball Final Four will air tonight on CBC (Channel 4 for most of us) Coverage starts at 5PM.

The matches are as follows:

  • UCLA (3) vs. Memphis (2)
  • Kansas (4) vs. North Carolina (1)

The winners of each game will advance to the NCAA Finals will air on Sunday afternoon.

A lot of people ask me why I watch NCAA Basketball when NBA is more professional. If you are a fan of the NBA and have never seen NCAA, you are missing on a lot! NCAA is a single game elimination tournament which means if you lose once, your out – unlike the NBA’s 7 game series that decides who moves on.

This USUALLY results in huge upsets and heartbreaking buzzer beaters! You will also notice how NCAA players play with more heart and determination than NBA players – all loses leading to tears and devastation. The fans – all college students making long road trips to support their teams – screaming from the back of their lungs and painted in the various school colors! These players are playing for free and play for the love of the game – and not because its their job.

This year does not feature any huge upsets in the final four as previous years. One of the big surprises was when the number 7 seed West Virginia stunned #1 seed and dynasty Duke. If you love basketball, the NCAA is what you should be watching!