Hamburgers,snails,hotdogs and other junk(?)food Originally uploaded by Ange Soleil ( a.k.a Tweng )

George Andrews, owner of Stephen & Andrews Food & Wine Shoppe, is on a quest. He’s trying to find the best ‘dog’ in Winnipeg.

Andrews is the former owner of the Bridgeport at the Forks, is no stranger to the restaurant or great food. His Academy Road shop boasts an eclectic assortment of food and wines, but oddly enough, serves no hot dogs.

Some of George’s favorites so far are from the White Top and VJ’s. Chili is a staple he says should be on all dogs and buns should be steamed.

Of course that’s only one man’s opinion. There are a few other criteria that make a hot dog better. First off, cut the dog. Make it so it doesn’t all come out of the bun when you take the first bite. Also, load it up!!! Make it a work of art. Not everybody enjoys mustard, relish and ketchup. Add some “Red Rooster” and “Liberty Lettuce” to it and then you’ve got a dog worthy of the front page of the Rolling Stone.