dreamin’ at the drive-in Originally uploaded by Agent Magenta

I know, everyone said last year was the last year for the drive-in theater, and the same thing the year before that. But this time, its for real – promise.

Cineplex-Odeon announced that it will not be reopening its gates this year. After a poor performance in 2004, there were more and more talks of the drive-in coming to a close. An online petition signed by 11,000 people kept the drive-in open for a few more runs at it. But it looks like the run has come to and end, and Winnipeg last and only drive-in theater exits no more. You can be sure that a facebook group will be started very soon.

RIP Drive-In, you will be missed. I have to admit, I feel at least partially responsible for the end of the drive-in. I have only gone once in my entire life span. It was definitely a cool thing to have in the city. I can recall at least 100 times where i would say “LETS GO TO THE DRIVE-IN!” but the truth is, thats all it was – a ‘cool’ thing to have. To actually go there was a hassle. You get foggy windows, uncomfortable seats, and if you open the windows you get the stunk from Manitoba’s prairies and mosquito’s everywhere. I’d take Silver City any day.