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Congratulations to Jaysid G. (left) and Kris B. (right) for winning our latest Video Games Live Contest!

They each won:
(2) Two Tickets to Video Games Live
(1) Access Winnipeg T-Shirt

Each of them won a pair of tickets to take themselves and a friend to VGL. All they had to do was tell us what their favorite video games were.

Jaysid G:
final fantasy vii, cuz it’s eaten about 250 hours of my life already

Kris B:
I’d have to say my most favorite game of all time was Kriss Kross: Make my Video for Sega CD. It was a revolutionary game that incorporated a new generation of Hip Hop icons, with bleeding edge video game technology. Finally, a game that put us all where we always dreamed to be; in the directors seat of a music video who’s main stars wore backwards clothes, had mini dreds, and rapped about meaningful and relevant rhetoric, like missing the bus and never missing the bus again, warming up things, and the verb JUMP. Clearly a revolutionary game that will forever go down in history as one of the greats.

Thanks to all the contestants! We got some great entries.

Our next contest is currently on right now to win an Autographed Lupe Fiasco board… check out our contest section to find out how you can win just like Jaysid and Kris.