Lupe Winner Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Congratulations to Adrian M, our winner of the exclusive Skateboard autographed by Lupe Fiasco and DJ GI, as well as an Access Winnipeg T-Shirt.

Adrian is very active in our sports forums and is a huge Laker fan (rockin’ the purple and gold, Laker color, Axs Wpg shirt) He was also one of the few to get his entry in before the original stated dead line.

Huge thanks goes out to Lupe Fiasco, DJ GI, and Kings on Pembina for making this all possible.

Congrats again Adrian for showing us how true of a Lupe fan you are – we hope this board fills in the void on your wall where your Lupe poster used to be. Hit the jump to read Adrian’s entry.

Adrian M:

Well to start off, I’m a fan of those two things, that being skateboarding and Lupe Fiasco. Not to seem like a copycat to bjamesgali, but I too bought tickets pretty much for Lupe, because I’ve already seen Kanye, and I’m not the biggest fan towards N.E.R.D and Rihanna (dont get me wrong..those two are great musicians). I too missed a part of his performance because i came a bit late, but that still didn’t stop me from singing his songs (my girlfriend called me a loser because i knew all the words pretty much, plus i was listening to his CD on the way to the concert haha), and I knew he was coming back on stage to rap with kanye at the end. He’s one of the few rappers where i can actually listen to his music and know what he’s talking about, which makes him one of my favorites. I have his CD, HAD a poster of Lupe(which is gone now because someone ripped it in half, I was SO PISSED haha), so the autographed skateboard would be a perfect replacement for the poster haha. The skateboard would be a great remembrance from such an awesome concert. Not to sound like a loser, but you asked me to tell you guys how badly i wanted it, and by telling you I’m a big fan, im sure this shows how badly i want it haha.

Oh, and i played Tony Hawk on Nintendo 64 like everyday when it was cool, and i tried to skateboard when i was younger but I would keep falling haha. (if I were to win this board, i would NOT ride it at all!! I would hang it in my room haha)