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Wrapped up and done with, Double Impact was filled with some heated battles. It’s been years since I’ve been into the scene but it feels as alive as ever.

If you’ve never been to an event or want to but don’t feel like you’d fit in, don’t worry. I understand the feeling but the breaking scene breaks through all barriers. Be it race, language, age or sex. This is for everyone. If not for everyone to do, then at least to enjoy. Double Impact featured one on one footwork and two on two competitions. There were ton’s of participants, all with crazy B-boy names (and B-girl names) so I couldn’t name them off for you. I can’t even tell you who won because I forgot our photographer is 10 years old and had a curfew of 10pm.

In any case it was fun and keep your eye on Access Winnipeg. I’ll gladly bring you information on the next event we get our hands on. Jump that jump for pictures!