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If you plan on doing renovations to your house this year and your house:

-was built before Jan 1, 1983
-is used only for residential occupation
-has an assessed value no greater than $115,600 as of 2008

you may be eligible for a rebate on your property taxes.

The City of Winnipeg‘s HRTA (Home Renovation Tax Assistance) Program has officially opened for 2008.

HRTA provides tax assistance for certain renovations to residential properties. Homeowners can claim 15% (maximum $10,000) of the costs of most regular renovations or 25% (maximum $6,000) of renovations that comply with Hydro’s Power Smart energy efficiency requirements (this may include insulation, heaters, wiring, windows, etc). That amount is received as a credit towards your property taxes over the next 3 years with a maximum credit of $ 1500 or $500/year.

Want to find out if you qualify? Call 986-7352 or visit the website for more information.