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After only 1 day, the Manitoba Lacrosse Association have lifted the spectator ban on all Lacrosse games. The league believes that their message has been heard and hope for the best in future games


Over the last 24 hours we have received numerous e-mails and phone calls from our membership expressing their strong feedback regarding the decision that was made to have spectators removed or not allowed in the arenas to watch scheduled RRLA box lacrosse play-off games.

The consensus from our membership is that they recognize their is a problem with the abuse of officials and many have offered suggestions to address the issue.

After a considerable amount of discussion with members of the MLA Board of Directors and with Fred Haight, President of the RRLA, we have collectively agreed to lift the spectator ban effective immediately.

To address the issue of spectator behaviour we are asking for your support to help us create a positive environment for players, coaches, officials, administrators and spectators.

Thank you.

Glen Henkewich, President MLA