Wowowee @ Reno, Nevada Originally uploaded by ~C4Chaos

The #1 Filipino Immigration Rate in Winnipeg statistic takes its tole again! The MTS Centre is bringing in the Philippines most popular game show called ‘Wowowee’ on September 28.

We can expect a lot of favorites from the game show to be there. I know that Winnipeg has a lot of Filipinos, but could they actually fill up the MTS Centre?!?

Full or not, its a great achievement for Filipinos across Winnipeg, I’m sure its going to be great seeing a piece of their home land at such a huge venue like the MTS Centre! And with English being the Philippines second language, I’m sure it will be enjoyable for those who can’t speak the language as well!

Tickets are on sale now and range from CA $28.25 – CA $143.25