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So it’s the first holiday of summer tomorrow and your wondering whats open and whats not. Here is a list….

If you want to drink and party tomorrow you had better buy your booze today because, all liquor marts will be closed. If you can’t make it tonight then you in luck. Gimli’s liquor mart will be open tommorow :).

All of the city’s indoor swimming pools will be closed except for Pan Am pool. More reason to go to the beach… it’s going to be nice outside people so don’t waste it indoors…hit up the beach :)

Want to take out a book? Sorry all Winnipeg Public Libraries will be closed tomorrow..

Want to be the next Tiger Woods? You’re in luck, all golf courses will be open from dawn until dusk..

Also buses will be running on a Sunday schedule and there will be nobody to pick up your garbage and recycling. Pick up will resume on Wednesday and will be day 1 on the five day cycle..

For more info head over to The Winnipeg Sun.